Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5 Review: Proverbs 17: 3

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How the hell are they supposed to fight God, indeed!

Sam and Dean found themselves in a precarious situation on Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5 when God decided to play a few games (and bring back an old foe) to get the gun.

God needs to spend some time in the naughty corner -- after a good spanking or two.

Onward to a Case - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5

So, I looked up Proverbs 17:3.

This is from the King James Version of the Bible:

"The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the LORD trieth the hearts."

I'm not a Biblical scholar, so I had to do a little more research on the meaning to make sure it was in line with what I was thinking.

Elliot's Commentary for English Readers interprets the proverb as, "By allowing sorrows and temptations to assail them, in order that they may come out of the trial as pure gold, purged of earthly infirmaties."

It's hard to believe that God is putting Sam and Dean through a trial so they can be pure when they go to heaven.

God has been playing games with them for all of their lives. And now that God is bored, or angry, or feels the need to stroke his ego, he's playing games with them again.

There is no "godly" reason God is doing what he's doing to the Winchester boys.

Sam's Connection - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5

And Sam and Dean know that the only way they can stop this "hamster wheel," as Dean called it, is by killing God.

Dean has no idea how they can do it. He's also scared at the idea of it.

It makes sense -- God is God. 

But, and this is a crazy thought, what if Sam and Dean can kill God and then they take over the roost?

I had previously talked about Cas becoming the supreme leader, but Sam and Dean taking the reins is a much more interesting speculation.

However, it's also somewhat unrealistic, of course.

On the other hand, what if Sam and Dean could somehow teach God a lesson?

Or maybe do it with Amara's help? 

That's really what Chuck needs at this point -- a major swift kick in the ass.

Visiting Lilith - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5

It's ridiculous that he has the power to bring whoever and whatever he wants back from the dead any time he wants.

Sure, he's God, but he's also not playing fair.

And if he continues to play that way, as he has for all of Sam and Dean's lives, there is no chance in hell Sam and Dean will ever get off that hamster wheel.

It also makes you wonder how much of a wimp Chuck is.

Ashley or Not - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5

Instead of going for the gun himself, he had to send Lilith.

He used her in such a way that Sam and Dean had no chance to overcome her or save the gun.

So, it seems like the only chance the boys have is if Amara gets involved because she can wield some big power against her nutball brother.

Heck, maybe Sam and Dean can get anyone and everyone involved in their quest to take down God.

Lucifer, Cas, and Death all could play a part in taking God out and redesigning how the world should be, but Amara does seem like the logical choice, though.

The whole storyline also makes you wonder if the way Chuck is playing is how God could be in real life -- if you lean that way.

If you think about it, the way the world is and how things don't make sense half the time, maybe the Supernatural writers are on to something.

What if God is writing a book and changing the story as he goes along to amuse himself with human travails?

Sam's Nightmares - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5

It's totally off topic, but an interesting thought, nonetheless.

Back on topic.

The other major item in Sam and Dean's arsenal is the connection Sam has with Chuck.

If Sam's theory is true, and the bullet wound is allowing him to see inside Chuck's head, it's possible he could use that to his advantage.

Not only will he be able to see what Chuck has planned, or what he's thinking, but also he might have a way to influence what Chuck writes.

In the Hospital - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5

How Sam would be able to do that is a big question, but it's a possibility.

Sam and Dean just need to figure out how to make it happen.

Again, maybe it's something Amara can help them figure out how to do.

Whatever the solution to this new problem, Sam and Dean need to dig deep into their souls to release themselves from Chuck's insanity.

And he is insane!

Flying Through the Air - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5

For all we know, he might have made Cas disappear the way he made everyone else disappear.

Yes, Cas left on his own, but it's not completely out of the question that Chuck had something to do with it.

And it's not out of the question that Chuck did something with Cas.

It's odd that Cas hasn't at least responded to Sam's endless texts. It's not like him at all!

Things are going to turn around for Sam and Dean. It's just going to take time -- and a good strategy!

Over to you!

What do you think is the best solution for Sam and Dean to get off the hamster wheel?

Can they kill God?

Who should they get on their team?

Will Amara help?

Where's Cas?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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