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Elizabeth and Philip must take turns when a mission turns painful. 

Martha tells Clark she doesn't want to do what he's asking any more. Other people can have important jobs and wives, why not him?

Phillip takes Henry to look at cars. A Camaro, to be exact.

Anton is back in Russia and someone gives him a computer with all of his American friends' communications on it to listen to.

Oleg has the information needed about Anton's plane and radar to send back to Mother Russia.

Phillip doctors a tape that makes it sound like people are nasty when talking about Martha at the office so she'll keep working for Clark.

Elizabeth is worried about Phillip liking the American way of life. He asks her if she ever likes it. She tells him they have to live that way. She says it's nicer and easier than how she grew up, but it's not better.

Lucia darts Larrick, but he gets it back in her leg before he goes under. He wakes up first.

Sandy is graduating from EST.

Elizabeth gets a phone call. It's Larrick.

Clark goes to see Martha before he "flies out" to play her the tape. She cuts herself and apologizes to him, thanking him for the extra effort. It makes him hesitate playing the tape. He offers to pick up groceries instead.

Stan meets with Oleg and threatens him. Oleg tells him they've fallen into something together, but he doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Stan says they're not in anything together and gives him the package.

Elizabeth goes to Larrick's house. He wants his freedom for Lucia's life.

Larrick is going to get Elizabeth into the camp in Nicaragua and then he wants out. Lucia puts up a fight and starts saying her family's name. Larrick tells Elizabeth to choose and he kills Lucia.

Stan tells Nina he will get them out of it. She doesn't believe them.

Gaad tells Stan to go directly to the Dept. of Justice when he wants to kill Borov.

Henry breaks into the neighbor's house and this time falls asleep on their couch playing a video game.

Arkady congratulates Nina and Oleg for starting to turn a high-level asset. He then tells Nina Oleg's family can either help or hurt her.

Elizabeth is a mess over what happened to Lucia. She didn't understand what they were trying to do, even though they were doing it for her god damned country.

Stan's request from the DOJ is denied.

There was a catastrophic accident with a submarine that killed 165 men and it was based upon propeller plans that Phillip stole. They were plants. Plants that were there to do exactly what happened. Phillip is gutted.

Elizabeth is watching Reagan give a speech on the defense of America and comparing the budget Russia spends on their defense to that of America. She's disgusted. She says he'll do anything.

Stan goes directly to the Deputy Attorney General to ask for the password clearance so he can look into Anton's kidnapping.

Phillip and Elizabeth question a man about the camp and he's frightened to death. He thinks they're going to kill him. They are, but Phillip stops Elizabeth.

Oleg got news from his father that the propeller was used improperly. It was used in a submarine two sizes too big for its intent, was only tested for three weeks instead of the five months it required and now they're blaming them for the mistake. Arkady is impressed.

Henry defends his mistake with the neighbors in the same way that his parents would defend their own actions.


The Americans
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The Americans Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Elizabeth: What's this?
Henry: It's a Camaro Z-28. Dad just bought it. Isn't it awesome?
Phillip: Ahhmazing. Well, at least it isn't a plane.

I'll get you the signals before I leave for Nicaragua. Get that body out of my house.