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Philip and Elizabeth have to deal with the failed grab of the scientist. They are left without a car and with an injured man. They are stopped by the police but pretend to be drunk. Elizabeth leaves and Philip stays with the Mossad agent until a deal can be made. The Agent doesn't believe his agency will negotiate for him.

Arkady and the Soviets negotiate a deal with the Israel to get the scientist. Philip  makes the exchange and then takes Baklanov to a ship set for Russia. The Russian Jew pleads and cries for Philip to let him stay in the US with his family. Philip stays strong and delivers the scientist.

Elizabeth visits Martha posing as Clark's sister in order to prevent her from outing her marriage on the job application.

Oleg sets up a trap for Stan. He wants to make a deal. He reveals he knows Nina's working for Stan and the FBI. He wants to know what he can do to make sure Nina is safe. 

Ellizabeth gets the file on Andrew from Brad and then breaks up with him.

The Americans
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