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Martha wakes up next to Clark, but he's not just Clark, because he looks just like Philip. No disguise.

Elizabeth is at a Mary Kay demonstration. An Asian woman is sharing her Mary Kay story. When she got department store makeovers, she always looked green. So did her friends. Now she tells her friends they don't need to look like Martians. They're Americans now. Elizabeth has a very strange look on her face.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with Pastor Tim. He says he knows what spies are, as they say they were hired as peace workers. To foster a relationship between their countries. No country is perfect, theirs of his. He brings up the Soviet's dislike of religion. How he cannot do anything that will benefit destruction. What about the destruction of a family, they ask? He's not really buying into it. They say they'll go to prison and their kids to foster care. He suggests they talk again in a couple days. Give them time to think. They wonder if he told anyone else, such as his wife, Alice. Yes, but she's fully aware of the sanctity of the pulpit. Uh oh.

They report back to Gabriel. Philip gives Glanders back to Gabriel. He says, I just can't seem to get rid of this, can I? Elizabeth and Philip are freaking out a bit over Pastor Tim and Alice. They could tell anyone. They should have never told Paige. Gabriel suggests the Center. The Center got them into this by trying to recruit her. Gabriel wants to trust the center.

At the FBI, Johnboy is really pissed because there were six unlogged copies today alone. So much trouble.

Elizabeth runs into the Asian lady in the grocery story. They exchange phone numbers. She will help Elizabeth with the numbers.

Philip talks with Paige about what has happened with Tim and Alice. She has to nurture the relationship. 

Martha is getting off the bus. Stan is tailing her.

Elizabeth is making friends with the Asian woman.

Gabriel meets with Claudia. He needs her help. He wants to get them out. Trying to bring their daughter in was a mistake. It's time to take them home.

Elizabeth and Philip debrief after a long day. They talk about Paige, Mary Kay and whether he's patched things up with Stan. They could use a friendly face at the FBI.

They are offering Nina to see the statements made on her behalf. She will be punished, but she can claim mitigating circumstances.

Gabriel wants the family to go to Epcot and while they're gone? Pastor Tim and Alice will have an accident. Philip still wants to leave. To go back to Russia. Elizabeth asks him how, exactly, they'd explain that to their son.

Paige is furious with Pastor Tim. He just doesn't get it. She just gets annoyed. Tim doesn't know if her parents hurt people. When she's home, Philip says, when we get back from Orlando, let's the three of us just go in and talk to him. She says she doesn't know about their jobs, if people get hurt. Let's talk about it while Henry is riding rides over and over.

Elizabeth is having dinner with the Asian family. They gave her a fork. She eats a pepper and kids do a pepper dance. They talk. It's nice.

Sandra stops by Philip's. They have tea. 

Stan, meanwhile, is telling his coworker they should keep an eye on Martha. The guy is like WHAT?! But Stan insists. 

Nina is having dreams of Stan. He says he's sorry and with flowers all around, looks to the left and Anton is standing there. Is he dead?

Philip thinks if they run, they'll get sent south, to Odessa. Elizabeth has always wanted to be near the water. They realize they need to talk to Gabriel.

They go and find Gabriel on the floor. He's not breathing well and his head is bleeding. He says, "GET OUT!" They wonder if he's caught Glanders. Should they stay, go? What should they do? They go to William. When he hears, he runs. Philip tackles him. They should have wrapped Gabriel's body in plastic and burned his body. He takes them to his apartment, where he has everything wrapped in plastic. He's not crazy, he assures them. He has so many vaccines because of what he does that he has allergies. 

He pulls out a syringe. Broad antibiotics. They get to Gabriel's and he treats him, as well. At home, Paige is watching Henry play video games while she does homework.

They need to get shots every six hours for 24 hours. Philip says, I guess we're not going to Epcot.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

First there are no choices and now there are no good choices. I'd say we're making progress.


Trying to bring their daughter in was a mistake. It's time to take them home.