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Philip, Elizabeth and Tuan arrive at Pasha's house just before his parents get home. When they're invited inside, Tuan finds Pasha bleeding upstairs. In the commotion, Alexei runs outside to get the agent who watches them.

Once inside, the agent radios for help, thanking Philip for what he has already done to help.

Philip offers anything to Alexei and his family. Inside the house, Alexei finds a note from his son.

Renee is moving into Stan's place, at least temporarily, due to a pipe that burst in her place.

Elizabeth wishes they could take Tuan with them back to Russia, realizing "they" would never let him go.

Stan and Aderholt give Sofia's fiance a lie detector test. He passes with flying colors. No sign of any deception.

Whatever the CIA guy saw in Philip, they think they set it go, because agents have been there less frequently.

Pasha needs lithium. Ephghenia is taking Pash back to Russia, but Alexei won't go back and Claudia won't assure Philip and Elizabeth he'll be OK if he goes.

Always in the car on the way back from seeing Claudia, the duo discusses what what to do with Paige and Henry regarding going back. They finally decide. They're going. I think they're wearing rosy colored glasses.

Paige watches coverage on TV about Regan's joke banning Russia forever, getting annoyed.

In Russia, the attempts to make Martha happy continue. She's with her speach instructor and heads to a playgrround to watch orphans play. Olya is a cute little girl in pigtails, and she's Martha's.

Brad, Dee and Tuan go to Pasha's place. Tuan apologizes, but Pasha says it worked.

Evphghenia and Alexei worry over Pasha's future. Brad and Dee both wish the family would stay together.

Alexei is worried he will be thrown in jail to die, like his father.

Philip and Elizabeth offer to say in their report that Tuan might want to go home. That conversation escalates into an us vs him as who does the job better, with Elizabeth assuring Tuan he will fail if he continues doing the job alone.

Paige is doing Pastor Tim's farewell tour at the food kitchen.

Philip is playing racquetball with Stan, soaking in the game an extra couple of seconds, realizing it's not something he'd do in Russia.

Elizabeth does the same with her lighted clothes closet filled with the latest styles and then in the modern kitchen and her beautiful living room with the latest electronics.

Paige walks to her car through the scary parking lot, assured she can take care of herself, even if she still looks a little scared.

Philip is at Kimmy's house listening to REM, So. Central Rain from Reckoning. Their first two albums were so great!

He tells Kimmy and her friends he might be moving to Japan. Kimmy is very upset, wondering what she'll do without him. It's so gross, but he did help usher along into the sweet young woman she is now.

Philip tells a surprised Henry he can't go to boarding school after he gets the scholarship.

Philip has 24 or more hours of recordings from Kimmy's father to go through.

Elizabeth and Paige train while continues listening. It's Philip's turn to be surprised when he discovers Kimmy's dad is getting promoted. His new job? Head of the Soviet Division.

Paige is happy for Pastor Tim. She's better because of him. Not church better, but better better. Elizabeth agrees. He made her think about things kids here don't, preparing her for whatever comes.

While fighting, Elizabeth backhands Paige splitting her lip.

Philip drives out to the water, considering tossing the tape in, never to be seen again.

Stan tells Renee he's considering leaving his job. But he doesn't want to do it anymore. Not the kind of work he's doing. It's risky for the person, and he doesn't want to be responsible if something goes sideways. She wonders if it's his fault if they make the decision to talk to the FBI. The FBI makes offers very hard to pass by, and that makes him feel shitty, and he's tired of feeling shitty.

Renee wonders though, if his department needs someone like Stan to push back and speak up when something's wrong. And if he doesn't do it, who will?

Philip gets home to Paige holding ice on her busted lip. She's fine; it just looks bad.

Philip sits down with Paige, apologizing she couldn't grow up with just a dog or a boyfriend who lives across the street. She should have had that.

Philip asks Elizabeth to go and talk. He tells her about the recording and what he was going to do with it.


The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Philip: Who is that guy?
Alexei: Because we defect, government give us protection.
Philip: Oh.

Tuan: You should know I already sent my report on the operation. I don't you want to be surprised. In my self-criticism, I acknowledged the mistake I made in contacting my previous family in Seattle.
Elizabeth: Tuan, we don't...
Tuan: It's alright. My organization will forgive me. I said you both did a lot of great things during our work together. But I had to point out there were certain lapses during your cover arrangements which I told you about during the operation.
Elizabeth: Yes, you did.
Tuan: I also put in my report that I believed the success of the mission was risked at the very end because your commitment to achieving our goal was overridden by certain petty, bourgeois concerns.