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When Elizabeth gets home from work, Philip tells Elizabeth about his visit from Stan and that he won't be doing the thing with Kimmy. She retorts that he just wanted to fuck her. He's disgusted by her response and says he warned her not to go to any communist countries and he's never seeing her again. That's over. It's over.

Aderholt interrupts Stan in the middle of a meeting. Stan's annoyed enough his eye ticks. They get onto the elevator and have to wait for the mail machine to take the ride with them. 

When they get into the conference room, it's full of people and there is a murder board going. Gennady's pouch had a sensor in it, the one Elizabeth is after. Now it's time to find out who wants the sensor. 

A 42-year-old recruited him and they were very intimate. Codenamed Harvest. He runs an accounting firm in Skokie and since he turned like a toadie, they need to turn up the heat.

Aderholt is putting it all together, and Stan links Oleg to the festivities. He's going to get caught in the crossfire for something he didn't do.

Henry is home from school, and the first thing he does in the car is start fiddling with the radio and father/son kidding begins. Henry doesn't want to leave school. He is going to apply for scholarships and will apply for a summer job. Henry's not talking about a retail job, but working in a tannery. He'll do whatever he can to get back to school.

He also thinks he can use Jason's dad to help with the business. Jason's dad said he'd be happy to help because he's had a few failures himself. That makes Philip a little persnickety, but Henry figures if it all goes well, maybe he'll plan a trip, too, and then send his friends to the agency, too.

At the movie, Rafifi, Elizabeth hits it off with a very young man. He turns her down for Pizza afterward, though.

At home, Henry jokingly asks Elizabeth to bum a cigarette and as she hands him the pack, he says he was just kidding and wonders if she's trying to give him cancer. She tells him she always smoked, but she doesn't need to hide it from him anymore because he's an adult.

Philip plays hooky from work so he and Henry can go race toy cars. After crashing for the fourth time, Philip screams FUCK and Henry wonders if he's OK. Is it mom? He's too perceptive.

Elizabeth finds Rafifi on the train and strikes up a conversation again. I feel uncomfortable when she speaks with him even under the guise of being a businesswoman. 

Philip decides to fire Stavos, Lacey, and Steve.

Elizabeth is full of rancor as she tells Philip to shove it up his ass when he asks where she's going on Thanksgiving, of all times.

Henry and Stan get to know each other again over cutting the turkey and all that jazz. 

The spies head over to the FBI agent's house for Thanksgiving. Philip puts on quite a show about Elizabeth going to meet a client in Houston.

Stan gives a lovely speech about the American way of life and being afraid of it. He says Reagan will stand firm about those that wish us harm, and they do wish us harm, make no mistake about that. Whether the speech helps or hurts the way Philip thinks about his little world is hard to tell.

Philip goes into the garage that night and gets into his spy stuff. He soon drives to Elizabeth's other stash and checks out what she's been doing. He looks at her nurse's costume, sifts through her passports, her drawings courtesy of Erica. 

At home in the garage, he digs into his note sending kit and begins a message he later stashes in the streets.

Marilyn says Erica likes having her feet rubbed with patchouli oil. Elizabeth is surprised she let Erica touch her feet. When they split to rest, Elizabeth begins to draw.

When Elizabeth calls Henry to talk about school and the weather, Henry tells Philip he doesn't understand why she's so unhappy. She has a nice life, right?

Oleg gets Philip's message, mixes some scope and some aftershave to get the code document and then begins to transcribe.

Philip calls Elizabeth to see if everything is alright. Not really, she says. It's a hard one. She's not sure she can accomplish what she went there to do without...it's just going to be tough. He wants her to come home. She won't, so he'll go to her.

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The Americans Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Philip: We should talk because it's better not to let bad feelings fester.
Elizabeth: You can take your forum bullshit and shove it up your ass. One of us is in trouble, Philip. I'm going there to help him. Someone who still does his job. Someone who still gives a shit.

Don't ever buy your car from Pennysaver. It's not a completely reputable bunch.