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Have you ever noticed there are no stores open on Thanksgiving for a certain period of time?

It was a lot worse in the '80s when this particular story takes place, so what occurred on The Americans Season 6 Episode 6 could be one of the biggest mistakes Elizabeth has ever made.

I don't know if there is anything more unAmerican than choosing work over Thanksgiving Dinner.

A Sudden Assignment - The Americans

But that's exactly what happened. Mere minutes before the family of spies were to set off to share bread and turkey with two FBI agents and their families, Elizabeth was called away and she couldn't have cared less.

The pinnacle of anger and mistrust between Elizabeth and Philip was concurrent with Thanksgiving. 

Philip announced what he'd decided about Kimmy and the operation and Elizabeth spat back at him that his false interest in carrying threw with the plan was only a way to screw the young girl.

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When arguments get to that point, you know the marriage has reached a tipping point. The two of them may tell their kids how much the other loves them, but they have their worries about that love.

Elizabeth knows Philip wouldn't want to have sex with Kimmy, but there's no better time to use that kind of ammunition against someone you love than when you're completely fed up with them, their agenda and the belief all the hard work has been left to you.

Philip: We should talk because it's better not to let bad feelings fester.
Elizabeth: You can take your forum bullshit and shove it up your ass. One of us is in trouble, Philip. I'm going there to help him. Someone who still does his job. Someone who still gives a shit.

A Spy being a Spy - The Americans Season 6 Episode 6

After Stan's incredibly patriotic Thanksgiving speech (no blessing for that meal), Philip's head was all over the place, but we don't know where. What we do know is he got motivated enough to finally look into what Elizabeth has been doing.

As we know, Oleg wanted dirt on Elizabeth. The good guys need to know what's happening with her and those she works with to keep the forward momentum alive in Russia. If they ever hope to knock the Soviet regime out of power, they need to know what the other side is doing to stop progress.

Philip went through as much of Elizabeth's things as he could find and shot off a message to Oleg. We know he decrypted it, but we don't know what it said. The best guess is everything.

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Philip used Elizabeth's absence and Henry's time home to get closer to his son. It didn't go as planned, as Henry had been discussing Philip's personal problems with friends at school making Philip embarrassed. 

It was even worse that Henry was so damned intuitive not only about work but his parents. Elizabeth hadn't had a real conversation with Henry in ages, so when she called at night to talk about school and girls, he immediately knew something was up.

Marilyn - The Americans Season 6 Episode 6

Henry figures his mom has a pretty great life, so why is she so unhappy?

The next conversation between Philip and Elizabeth is much different than the one they had before she went away. She shares what's been going on with her and Marilyn and how she doesn't have faith in their abilities to pull off what they're doing.

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Phillip says none of that matters anymore and to come home. It's a very basic yet compelling request. Elizabeth's answer, of course, isn't what he wants to hear. But Philip has never stopped loving Elizabeth, and he takes his commitment to her far more seriously than the one he took to his country. 

So Philip tells her he's coming to her. 

And that will, I believe, set into motion the end of the Jennings family. 

Stan and Aderholt Dig Deep - The Americans Season 6 Episode 6

For the first time, things between Stan and the Jennings are closer than ever on a professional level. When Aderholt asked Stan to start looking for businesses through which cash would easily flow, there was no way the travel agency couldn't come to his mind.

Stan and Elizabeth are now looking for the same sensor. The way Philip tried to explain to Henry and everyone that "work" called Elizabeth away on Thanksgiving didn't seem to sit well with Stan. You could see his wheels spinning.

The Americans Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Urban Transport Planning

Maybe it's just the job getting to him after being away so long or maybe he's finally beginning to suspect what has been under his nose all along. With Oleg being in Stan's circle of thought and Philip just delivering him a very important message, it seems impossible we're not heading for a confluence of events that will spin out of control.

I'm worried about what's next for Philip. He's been out of the business too long to jump back in during such a problematic case for Elizabeth. Will they both make it out alive? Will he go there to make a more personal appeal to let it go?

Do you think both Elizabeth and Philip just made mistakes from which they cannot recover? 

If you have ideas or need to watch The Americans online first, be sure to drop a comment below!!

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The Americans Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Philip: We should talk because it's better not to let bad feelings fester.
Elizabeth: You can take your forum bullshit and shove it up your ass. One of us is in trouble, Philip. I'm going there to help him. Someone who still does his job. Someone who still gives a shit.

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