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Sutton is at home waiting for Jane to come back from her date with Ryan, which ends up with Jane bringing him home with her.

Jacqueline lets Jane know that she was invited to be part of a panel called,"Rising Political Voices Under 30". 

She also tells Richard that she wants him to ask the board about including more politics in Scarlet content. 

Adena visits Kat at work and asks for her to write a character witness to help extend her visa, only she wants it from Scarlet specifically. 

Oliver calls Sutton into his office, saying she is up for the job. He wants a moodboard, but then he mentions how he thinks Sutton went to a fashion school which helps her in the running. She doesn't get to tell him that he is wrong. 

Ryan visits Jane at work, and mentions that she will be on the panel. He says he wants to come, which Jane wasn't expecting. 

Sutton tells Kat to spend more time with Adena to see what her feelings might be. 

Richard mentions to Jacqueline that the board doesn't want to rock the boat with politics, and gets convinced to attend the panel too. 

Kat and Adena hang out together, but Kat is nervous about spending time with someone she likes. 

At the panel, Jane feels a bet overshadowed by the accomplishments that the other panelists have. It doesn't help when another panelist talks over her, not letting her get a word in when he disagrees. She feels like she let Scarlet down because she didn't leave the impression she was expecting.

Adena answers a call from her mom, and some guy overhears and tells her to speak English. This gets Kat angry and she ends up punching the guy, with Adena running away when Kat gets arrested. 

Jacqueline ends up bailing Kat out out prison the next morning. 

Richard tries to put in a good word in with Oliver for Sutton, but lets it slip that she doesn't have a fashion degree. He calls Sutton out on it and says her lying to him was a bad move. 

Adena vists Kat at work, but Kat doesn't want to talk because she is upset that she was left alone. They argue about how the situation should have been handled and Adena leaves upset too. Jacqueline tells Kat that Adena might not have had a choice, especially with her visa and deportation. 

Sutton decides to really go for a job, making a physical moodboard for Oliver. She gives it to Oliver and explains who she really is and how much she wants this job. The next morning he reveals that he is from a small town and has no fashion degree, he didn't realize it until he saw her moodboard that he was a lot like her. Then he hires her on the spot.

Jacqueline says to Richard that she isn't asking for permission, that she will publish political articles from now on. 

Jane says she is sorry to Jacqueline for not speaking much, until Jacqueline shows her that she was a bit hit regardless. 

The girls celebrate Sutton getting the job. 

Jane and Ryan go on another date which ends up with her bringing him home. 

Kat goes to visit Adena, sharing her feelings with her, and the two kiss. 


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