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Tough conversations are still ones that need to happen, especially when it comes from a place of love.

This episode was a tough one to watch, not only for the characters but because of the feelings that it managed to elicit. The topic of gun ownership proved to be a difficult sell for a one episode arc, especially when it can't just be wrapped up this easily.

There was also Kat exploring her sexuality, something that was explored in a way that not only put a slight strain in Kat and Adena's relationship, but it is also falling into unfortunate tropes when it comes to bisexual representation on television.

During The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 7, Kat hooked up with another girl when Adena suggested that Kat date around while they maintain an open relationship of sorts. Sutton also struggled with Brooke's reaction to their friendship ending, and what that means for her job.

Views on Guns - The Bold Type

Navigating both big storylines this time around was a bit of a struggle, mostly because it didn't achieve what it may have planned.

In terms of the topic of guns, it is too vast of a discussion and Jane making it about her article restricted just how much the show even touched upon the real-life horrors that are connected to all this.

And Kat and Adena's relationship is a wonderful part of the show that now seems to have prevented Kat's story from actually exploring the topic of sexuality when it landed in some upsetting tropes along the way.


It was hard to explore because after The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 6, the way that Kat's storyline would be explored was very important.

There was already a discussion about what it meant that Kat was kissing another girl while with Adena. As a woman who has shown interest in multiple genders, touching on Kat's bisexuality went well.

Kat was interested in Adena, but she also liked guys, and there wasn't a need to put a label on it, yet the message was clear. 

Kat cheating on Adena was a way her growing interest in other women would come up in conversation. It wasn't ideal, and yet a healthy relationship like the one between Kat and Adena allowed for an honest discussion about the issue.

Kat: Do either of you ever wonder if you could be a little gay or bi?
Sutton: I do, sometimes.
Jane: I don't really ever.

The Bold Type approached the subject in a way that didn't make Kat the villain because the important thing was the way that the two of them approached this obstacle.

And yet, with this episode, all the worries the meaning of Kat's journey crept back up again.

There is nothing wrong with Kat exploring her attraction to women, in fact, it offers more depictions of queer women that are always needed on screen.

The issue is Kat being in a relationship with someone and then cheating on them while having these feelings. It brings up the trope of people who identify as bi not being able to commit because they are "greedy." 

Also the fact that Kat and Adena are seemingly still the endgame in all this, Kat exploring her feelings seems to be an attempt for her to prove that she is into women before she settles down into a relationship.

This wouldn't have been such an issue if it wasn't highly suggestive that the end of this story arc for Kat is her returning to a monogamous relationship with Adena.

That then plays into Kat dating women as having to prove she is "gay enough" through different interactions with other women until she hits some specific number and they can commit without this need to branch out.

Jane Back at Scarlet - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 7

This all treads into a point where the representation is coming off strangely, with everything that Kat's journey being diluted for the sake of stirring up some drama because she can't just be happy with Adena.

All of these worries don't mean The Bold Type isn't trying its best, in fact, they have so far continued to do right by Kat and Adena beautifully and honestly that they have explored their relationship with one another.

But with the way that Kat's storyline drifted to hooking up with someone else this time around, it just felt odd.

Kat trying to flirt with someone else felt like new territory because she was struggling at first, but by the end, it just felt like a strange way to set up this storyline.

Also, her conversation with Adena, while it played into that honesty and the trust that the two have in one another, it again made it awkward and served as a reminder that this is all superficial because the trajectory in all this still feels like Kat and Adena will be the endpoint.

All of that is fine, but then the way they get there could have been handled differently.

Sutton and Kat - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 7

Adena and Kat exploring an open relationship would have be structured in a way other than Adena waiting for Kat to date enough women that she feels like she is all set to be monogamous again.

Kat could have brought up these feelings earlier on, and she could have approached this with Adena before anyone got hurt and before representation became a concern.

There is still room for Adena and Kat to explore positively. Kat's sexuality is still an essential part of who she is and the show touching on that is lovely.

But the way that it is done has to reflect positive representation instead of playing into tropes that don't do the character or the representation any favors. 


Jane's time back at Scarlet was great, but her first article could have been something else.

Jacqueline wanting Jane to feel uncomfortable because that was her issue last time makes a lot of sense. But tackling a topic like gun control and relating it back to Jane's piece is where things fell flat.

First, the topic is too important just to have it fit into the one episode mold that The Bold Type has carved out for itself.

There have been conversations before about whether The Bold Type's introduction of topics and resolution by the end of the episode is always a good idea, especially when it involves something going on in the world that can't be solved in 45 minutes.

Jane: Come on, what is it?
Sutton: It is my gun.
Jane: Yeah, right.

Gun control shattered those expectations and proved that it could be done if properly handled.

That was exactly the issue; the topic wasn't presented in a way that explored it well enough, and the conclusion left more to be desired. 

If this wasn't just for Jane's article, maybe there would be more room for a real conversation about both sides of the issue and the apparent reason is no longer just a stagnant topic.

Sutton and Oliver - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 7

There are too many shootings going on, all of which can be prevented with better gun control, and the opportunity that The Bold Type had to dig into that really felt wasted somehow.

Maybe this will be referenced again in a more prudent way, but for now, this left way more to be desired. 


Sutton being introduced as someone with the gun set up for her side to have to work harder to demonstrate this support, especially when Jane references school shootings. There has to be a clear-cut argument to go against it.

Instead, this episode felt like it was trying to circle more around Sutton and Jane's friendship than a debate on a big issue.

Sutton couldn't even really make enough of an argument, and when she did it was brought back to her relationship with her mom and how it wasn't even about the gun.

We are a team.


There is too much room for questions here, and there wasn't enough time to handle that.

It felt more like a backdrop to get her to that point with Oliver where she realized that she didn't control everything.

Him validating the fact that they are a team was a beautiful moment because that was what the show represents. That kind of support is never ending on The Bold Type, and that's wonderful.

Hey Brookey, it's Slutton.


Still, if a topic like gun control is brought up, then there needs to be more of an attempt to touch on it because otherwise, it is clear that it was meant to matter because of Sutton's job and not because of her personal feelings about gun ownership. 

There were times when she made it clear that she was aware of the issues that came with it, yet knew how to approach owning a gun in a way that didn't perpetuate anything she opposed.

But for a view like that to have room to be heard, the least that could have been done is not having Sutton then step away from it.

There is no way that Sutton having a gun is something to root for, but that she learned from the experience was another revelation. 

Sutton tracing it back to her mother was an interesting touch of her past, but it then removed any point that she may have made about why she supported having a gun in the house in the first place.

Clinging to the idea of control was then clearly making it about another topic entirely, Sutton's family and the issues that happened to be there.

That doesn't mean that it can't be connected, but then that big-time issue comes into play again, and there isn't room for all of that and a solution at the same time. 

Stray Thoughts

  • Ryan's presence is still confusing because sometimes it almost doesn't feel necessary? This isn't even because of Ben, just Ryan, in general, has this weird fit into the story. Of course, everyone in the trio has someone they interact with, so this might just be a way for Jane to sound off her concerns. 

  • Kat not having an opinion on gun ownership, or precisely the fact that Sutton owns a gun was strange. Apparently, Kat had her arc going on, and she didn't have to be included in a Sutton and Jane centric story, but with a topic, so controversial in the world there can't just be no opinion in all this.

  • Music, music, music. It never disappoints, and on a show like this, it is not surprising at all. Still, we need to take a moment out each week to compliment the way that it always works so well. 

  • I miss Alex. More solid storylines for Alex, please. There has to be a way for him to sometimes get his arc without it overshadowing what the core group has going on. 

  • Adena's attempt to help Kat was sweet, but it didn't take away from how awkward it all was. If Kat and Adena are still headed for an eventual monogamous relationship, this little sidestep worries me.

What did you think of the episode? Which story were you most intrigued by this time around? What were you hoping to see more often? What were you hoping to see less often?

Where do you think Kat and Adena's relationship goes from here? Were you onboard with Kat exploring the dating world with Adena's permission? Can this continue without things getting awkward or hurtful for one of them? Do you want it to?

Whose side did you see more of regarding gun control? Jane or Sutton? Did you think this was an accurate way to go about exploring this topic? Was it wrapped up well?

Let us know what you think below!

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