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-Kat and Sutton go with Jane to her first mammogram.

-The Bold Babes hit up a drag bar and think the performers would be a great article for the new Scarlet.

-Andrew is performing in drag. 

-Kat suggests Andrew in drag be an on the street correspondent. 

-Ian asks Jacqueline to leave early to take care of the kids so he can go out and she tells him no.

-Jane is ignoring the calls from the doctor's office.

-The company denied Richard's sabattitcal, so he would have to quit to go to California. 

-Jacqueline comes up with the idea to make their first digital issue a tribute to Scarlet's 60 years of print. 

-Kat is faced with a regret of her past when Jacqueline wants singer Bella Diaz interviewed for the first digital issue. Bella had asked Kat to help her come out in the magazine five years ago when Kat was still an assistant, but Kat let Bella's manager convince her not to. 

-Kat apologizes to Bella and Bella tells her it is okay because coming out isn't as important to her anymore.

-Jane interviews the founder of Scarlet, Pam.

-Jane's mammogram was normal.

-Sutton tries to seduce Richard at work, and he turns her down.

-Kat thinks that Bella wanted to come out five years ago because she was in love with her piano player.

-Jane keeps having a recurring bizarre sex dream. 

-Andrew thanks Kat for pitching him to Jacqueline. 

-Bella comes clean to Kat about why she had wanted to come out. Kat tries to encourage her to come out now, but Bella says she isn't ready.

-RJ praises Jacqueline but tells her that going forward she needs to stop looking to the past. 

-Jane confesses that she doesn't trust Ryan.

-Richard proposes to Sutton and she accepts. 

-Bella shares a song with Kat. 

-Jane isn't being open and honest with Ryan. 

-Ian accepted a job going to Ukraine and makes it clear to Jacqueline that it is her turn to sacrifice.



The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Pam: When I started this magazine, women were only just beginning to find their own voices to find that strength to be able to say my body is my body.
Jane: We've come a long way.
Pam: Absolutely, and there is no going back. Knowledge is power.

Sutton: Ooo shoulder pads.
Oliver: Oh, god, yes, but no. Okay, if shoulder pads make a come back do not let me fall for it again.
Sutton: I will not let that happen.