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Sometimes, to move forward, you have to revisit the past.

On The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2, Jacqueline and The Bold Babes were learning just how important the past is to your future, in both great and terrible ways.

Read our review as we discuss their trips down memory lane.  

Girl Talk - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2

Jacqueline is having a hard time letting go of what Scarlet was. 

Scarlet has been her baby for so long now. It is difficult for her to see how great things could be when she knows how great things have been the way they were. 

Revisiting Scarlet's past before moving into the future was a great way for her to say goodbye to the magazine that Scarlet is now. Hopefully, it provided her some closure. 

The concept, regardless of where it stemmed from, was a genius idea.

Vintage and nostalgia are always in style, so it was bound to be a hit with the readers. 

Suttard Rising - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2

Forcing the staff to take a hard look at what had come before them was a great inspiration. They can learn from their predecessors, and they can remind them of just how important Scarlet has been for the world. 

Meeting the founder of Scarlet was like The Twilight Zone. It was looking in a crystal ball at Jacqueline's future.

I wasn't entirely convinced that Pam wasn't played by Melora in makeup to age her. That's how freaky was the resemblance, both physically and characteristically. 

It is easy to see how Pam chose Jacqueline to be her successor.

They are cut from the same cloth. Both are women who have fought and championed for the women who are readers of Scarlet. 

The Fearless Leader - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2

In a sea filled with female bosses on television who tear other women down and lead with fear and intimidation, women like Pam and Jacqueline are a whole different breed. 

They build up their fellow women and inspire them to be more. 

They are the type of women we need to see more often. They are examples of women I aspire to be. 

Scarlet may have been buzzing with the assignments looking at Scarlet's past, but not everyone was as pleased with Jacqueline's concept.

RJ praised Jacqueline for the outcome, but he did so while making it very clear that it is the last time Jacqueline is allowed to look backward . 

Dazzling Divas - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2

RJ created the illusion that Jacqueline had control over Scarlet when she returned to the magazine, but this moment between them showed just how little control she does has

I suggested in my review of The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 1, that perhaps Jacqueline needs to start her own magazine.

As long as she is at Scarlet, she will live in fear of her job being in jeopardy while stuck working under the iron fists of the men who sit in their ivory tower and look down. 

It is just further proof that Jacqueline needs to have an exit strategy.

RJ wasn't the only one who was not happy about Scarlet's journey to the past.

Kat has always been fearless. She has never been afraid to take on "the man," even when it put her and her career in jeopardy. 

The Fashion Team - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2

That is why hearing Kat's story about Bella Diaz is so surprising. 

You have to wonder how moments like that with Bella helped to shape Kat as we know know her today. 

Kat couldn't help but regret letting Bella's manager talk her out of helping Bella to come out in Scarlet. As someone who got to experience her own coming out story, Bella's story is even more significant to Kat now than it was then. 

If Kat was faced with the same situation today, I guarantee the outcome would have been different. There is no question whether or not Kat would have fought for Bella to share her truth with the world.

Kat was a young assistant at the time she met Bella, though. She wasn't in a position of power as she is now, and power makes all the difference. That power gives her the freedom and forum to fight for her causes. 

Scarlet's Dynamic Duo - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2

If Kat had waged that war as an assistant, she might not have gotten to where she is today. Or maybe she would have. There is no way to tell, which is one of the biggest dangers of dwelling on the past.

That past has happened, and you can't change it. All you can do is learn from it, and that is what Kat did. 

It was great that Kat didn't try to push Bella out of the closet when they met again. It would have been easy for her to push Bella too hard to alleviate her own guilt.

Instead, she gave her the respect that any person in that situation deserves. It is Bella's choice how and when to come out. 

Kat and Bella's reunion didn't have a cathartic effect on Bella, but it did seem to awaken something in Kat.

Richard Looking Series - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2

Kat lit up while talking with Bella about Adena. As she sat in the bathtub listening to Bella's song, it almost felt as if Kat could have written it herself about Adena, she seemed so sad. 

Kat misses Adena. 

There has never been a question that Kadena is endgame. It is just a matter of when they will find their way back to each other, and we might have just witnessed the first step. 

Kat wasn't ready to jump back into things with Adena during The Bold Type Season 3. She needed to find her voice, and she felt like she needed to do that alone. 

Kat needs to realize that wanting Adena back doesn't make her weak. Sometimes being strong means admitting that you need someone in your life. 

Alex Looking Dapper - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2

Sutton learned that after she pushed away Richard to focus on her career, and look how great they are doing now! 

The road back to Kadena is going to be long, and it will be a lot fo work for both of them, but the best things in life aren't easy. You appreciate it more when you have to work for it.

Kadena might not be the only ones who have a long way back to where they used to be. 

Jane just got back together with Ryan, but she is not over Ryan's betrayal. 

It was interesting how Jane's anxiety over their relationship affected her.

A Happy Jane Sloan - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2

I felt like the dreams meant she was scared of getting sick and putting that burden on Ryan. I never imagined that it was trying to show her that she doesn't trust him.

While I was thrilled that JaneStripe got over that bump in the road initially, if Jane is not over what happened, then they need to take time apart. 

You can't have a relationship without trust. Jane will constantly be questioning everything about their relationship if that trust isn't there between them. 

Sure, Ryan screwed up, but that isn't fair to him. 

He is trying so hard to be a better man, but how can he ever be one if in Jane's head, he isn't that man?

The OG - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2

When Jane took him back, Ryan was under the understanding that she was moving past what happened. How is he supposed to know something is wrong if Jane won't even talk to him about it? At least, if she is honest with him, they can try to work through it.

Holding his actions against him silently, though, will create a divide, and eventually, they will implode.

Jane and Ryan are on unsteady ground, but one couple flourishing is on The Bold Type Season 4

Sutton and Richard are engaged!

Can we please shout it from the rooftops? Do a million happy dances? 

Suttard is the strongest relationship on The Bold Type and watching their relationship become even stronger in the face of obstacles is why it is impossible not to love these two. 

They have overcome so much together. When Richard revealed he would have to quit the company to follow his dreams in California, it was hard not to be a little concerned.

When Sutton encouraged him to go, she knew that there would be an end in sight. Without ties to a job forcing his return, she no longer has that security. 

Richard's proposal shows his commitment to their relationship and just how little he is concerned about how the distance will impact him. He knows that what they have is real and that they can overcome whatever the world throws at them.

In fact, after watching The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2, the relationship we should be more concerned about is Richard and Jacqueline.

Richard is Jacqueline's rock. Jacqueline knows that she has the support of her employees, but Richard is her equal, and support coming from someone at her level is important. 

Without Richard to watch her back, it could easily become open season on Jacqueline as far as the board is concerned. 

Now that Jacqueline might lose Ian to a job in the Ukraine, Jacqueline is looking at losing her two greatest support systems. 

It is a rare occasion that Jacqueline Carlyle gets shaken, but with all the changes coming at her, she might be struggling in a very real way.

If anyone can bounce back from it, though, it is Jacqueline. 

Other thoughts:

  • "Lover" by Taylor Swift was the soundtrack to Suttard's engagement, and somehow that was everything!

    Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows what a huge Taylor fan I am. I may or may not have squealed, loudly, the second I heard it playing. There could not have been a more perfect song for that moment.
  • Andrew as a drag queen? This storyline needs to get more attention because it was incredible.

    Seeing how happy Andrew was to get to be his authentic self among his Scarlet peers was touching. That was the freest we have ever seen his character and free looks damn good on him.
  • If we could get a scene of Oliver strutting his stuff in the fashion closet in ALL of the shoulder pads, that would be great. The man clearly has a secret love for them. Just embrace it, Oliver!
  • I'm pretty sure that the security guards in the building love their jobs. How much sexual activity do you think they see throughout the day? After all, someone else was trying to get into that board room when Suttard was there, and it wasn't for a late-night conference call.
  • Is Bella's song going to be released on The Bold Type Spotify playlist, because if not, we need to start a petition for it to be.

We had to wait a long time for The Bold Type to return to our lives, but The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 1 and The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2 haven't missed a beat.

The Bold Type continues to be one of the most authentic representations of young female characters on television and of the millennial generation as whole.

How did you feel about "#Scarlet"? 

Do you think season is starting out strong?

Are you as thrilled about the Suttard engagement as I am?

Join the discussion below Fanatics and make sure to watch The Bold Type online at TV Fanatic.

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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Pam: When I started this magazine, women were only just beginning to find their own voices to find that strength to be able to say my body is my body.
Jane: We've come a long way.
Pam: Absolutely, and there is no going back. Knowledge is power.

Sutton: Ooo shoulder pads.
Oliver: Oh, god, yes, but no. Okay, if shoulder pads make a come back do not let me fall for it again.
Sutton: I will not let that happen.