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The ladies and Chris fixed up a new home base for their business.

More people are canceling club memberships, and Nadia and Arm are getting nervous.

Thony refuses to sell street drugs, so Arman and Nadia decide to go into business on their own.

Fiona is concerned they haven't booked any gigs yet.

Jaz returns from sports camp. Her dad is moving to Vegas and this worries Fiona.

Thony and Arman both buy drugs from Bosco. They fight when Thony sees the street drugs.

Arman insists he has always supported her and needs her, but they end things.

Garrett and his boss meet with Madame Delilah, who gives them a tip on a Brit.

Arman catches Robert with Nadia and is tired of it. He refuses to play these games.

Ginger is impressed with Fiona and Thony and offers them a trial run. JD brings the kids and the entire family cleans. Fiona is unsure about JD being back.

Robert has Arman beat up Stuart and make Thony clean up the mess.

Ginger hires the ladies.

Thony overhears Robert and Cortes arguing. Garrett gets a text.

Garrett catches Arman and Thony with drugs and wants answers.

Thony tells Garrett she saw Robert talking to Cortes and offers to help him get him and Cortes if he lets her and Arman go.

The Cleaning Lady
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The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

You’re right. Thony can’t be calling the shots anymore. She doesn’t know how to run a business. We do.


Thony: Arman, I’m a doctor, not a drug dealer. I will only sell legitimate meds to people in need.
Nadia: Here we go again.
Thony: If I get arrested, who will look after Luca?