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Robert smells a rat. He attacked Cortes second in command in front of Arman and Thony. Thony is scared.

Maya is worried Robert will still come after her.

Arman gets aggressive with Garrett saying he signed their death warrant. They want to do another bust, but they need more drugs.

Thony warns Fiona to get the kids out of the house tonight. Fiona hates being left in the dark.

Nadia is worried about Arman. Robert arranged the next drop-off at Arman's old club.

Det. Flores shows up at the house wanting to take Thony and Chris to the station.

Robert shows up at La Havana and is upset Thony is late.

Det. Flores asks why Chris came to see her, but Fiona won't let him talk.

Garrett wants the truth about Marco's death, and he isn't releasing her until he gets it.

Thony tells Garrett he needs her to do the drug sting.

Garrett gets Thony and Chris released.

Robert and his men kidnap Arman and Thony after they see the drugs.

Chris hears Fiona and Garrett arguing. He says it wasn't Thony's fault and he killed Marco. He tells Garett everything, who reassures Chris it was an accident.

Robert took Arman and Thony to a warehouse where Maya was being kept. He made them prove their worth by Arman shooting Maya or Robert would kill Thony.

Garrett sees Maya's body at a crime scene even though Katherine tried to stop him.

The Cleaning Lady
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The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Arman: We did what you asked us to do. You’ve known Nadia and me for years.
Robert: I’ve known Nadia for years. You and I are just getting to know each other.

Thony: I can’t do this anymore! I need out!
Arman: There is no way out. Not yet. We have to see this through. We’ll do it together.