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When Darlene fails to try and make amends with Becky and Jackie, Dan sends Mark and Mary to convince them to come to Thanksgiving dinner. Dan also invites Louise.

Darlene wants Odessa to come for dinner so that Harris will be less mopey, thus lifting Dan’s ban of Odessa from the house after she tried to take his motorcycle on a joy ride. 

Everyone shows up to Thanksgiving, but the old oven means that the turkey will take two hours longer than expected and arguing ensues. Things get nasty when Darlene smells weed on Odessa and Harris and questions Darlene’s parenting abilities. It turns out that Odessa lives alone without her parents and Harris has been lying about it for months. 

When Jackie accuses Darlene of trying to take over Roseanne’s role as mother to the family, Darlene tells Jackie she’s nothing but a loser and was the bane of Roseanne’s existence. Jackie slaps Darlene. 

Louise leaves and Dan sends the kids upstairs and separates Jackie and Darlene. He tells Darlene that Jackie feels as though she’s stolen her inheritance. When Darlene tells him that that is Jackie’s problem, Dan points out that it’s a family problem. 

Jackie, now in tears, apologizes for slapping Darlene and says when Darlene was saying those horrible things to her, she heard her mother’s voice instead. Darlene also apologizes. DJ says he could use the money but would rather Becky and Jackie have a chance than to have the family like this. Mark and Mary agree. Darlene eventually relents and agrees to give Becky and Jackie their chance to reopen the Lunch Box. 

Harris says she’s moving out and moving in with Odessa. Dan tells her she can’t move out until she’s 18. Harris scoffs that no one there can stop her. Darlene agrees to let Harris go to Odessa’s place for the night to cool off but she has to come back in the morning. The rest of the family questions whether Harris will really return. 

Louise returns and shares pie with Dan. 

The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Jackie: Wow, somebody smells like weed covered up poorly by Febreeze.
Odessa: Oh, that’s me.

Darlene: DJ, Mary, Mark, Harris, they’re all going to be there.
Dan: Sure, but they’re all boring.
Darlene: Alright, fine, what about Odessa? She’s not boring, she’s a thief and a pothead.
Dan: Nope, I banned her from the house.
Darlene: Oh please, just this one day. I really cannot take any more of Harris moping around here.
Dan: Sure you can. The whole family spent the last 40 years putting up with your moping.