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Darlene is looking to buy a house but learns that couples or single men will likely get preference over her. She gets Ben to pretend to be her romantic partner, and she puts in a bid for the asking price, but another couple outbids her by $20,000.

Ben offers to cosign the loan so Darlene can get a larger loan and get the house. Darlene turns him down. The point of getting the house was to reassert her independence and not rely on anyone else.

Ben is impressed and says she sounds like the old Darlene he once knew.

Becky and Professor Davis get caught out on a date by two of the professor’s students. As they try to hide their relationship, Becky tells the students that she’s single. They invite her to a singles event at the Lanford Cemetery called “You Have to Die, But You Don’t Have to Die Alone.”

The students tell Becky that if she’s dating her professor, it’s only a matter of time before someone rats them out to the Dean. In order to prove they aren’t dating, Becky goes on a date with someone else.

Later, Becky comes clean about the date with Prof. Davis and is upset when he doesn’t seem to care. But he does care. He says he’s worried that Becky will realize this isn’t worth the risk and leave him. They both decide the relationship is worth the possible consequences.

The Conners
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The Conners Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Darlene: That’s from the trash. You’re eating trash candy.
Dan: Waste not, want not. That’s in the Bible. I’m doing God’s work.

Darlene: There is a really good house here. It’s right at the top of my price range, but it’s the only one that hasn’t said, train lovers look no further.
Dan: I wouldn’t consider the train a deal-breaker. I think it’s nice when your house rocks you to sleep.