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A poor dude has been buried alive inside a parking lot since the particle generator exploded? Dayum.

The West family is having dinner. Wally always wanted to be fast, which is why he wanted to be an astronaut and is now a drag racer. He gets annoyed with Iris' line of questioning about the danger involved. Joe isn't acting normally when it comes to Wally. Iris doesn't approve.

Harry has created a device utilizing Turtle's brain matter and Reverse Flash's suit that when put into Flash's suit will allow him to begin harvesting Flash's speed the next time he goes into the speed force.

Harry thinks his earth is earth 1. Hehe Harry is also annoyed that Barry doesn't know all the science involved with helping to find a way to tackle the breach problem. So...Barry reads the books in an instant, annoying him further.

Iris shows up at one of Wally's races in sexy gear. Is she trying to send him to therapy?!

Joey the Tar man kills the guy who killed him and now runs the tar company.

Cisco made a metahuman Tinder app. Harry puts the device behind the lightning symbol on Flash's suit, but doesn't seem to feel good about it.

Iris calls her dad to the paper. She's done research about drag racing and has files of all the kids who have died and how. It's not pretty. Iris wonders why Joe won't be Wally's parent. Because he's afraid of rejection, that it won't go well and he'll leave their lives. He wants Wally to trust him first and then he'll do something about it.

Barry enjoys working with Harry, annoying him even more. He throws an eraser at Barry, tells him to scram. He'll finish it by himself. 

Barry takes off to an attack and Harry starts siphoning his speed. Looking at the collection, Harry says, "You're coming home, Jesse, you're coming home."

Cisco catches up with Barry. He's running 885 miles per hour slower than usual. 1415 vs 1500. Fast is fast Barry says.

Iris is asking the main drag racing fellow to shut down the races. She's about to run an expose. He threatens her if she publishes it. She's recorded it and sent it to CCPN. Does he really want to hurt her? 

That makes Wally very angry. If they're so dangerous, then why is he in so deep with them? The medical bills are gone, so he can get out. Iris knows that Wally had a loving mother. She knows Francine wouldn't want him to be doing what he's doing now. He says if she shows up at another race, he can't protect her.

Harry tells Barry he reminds him of Jesse's ten year old determination. But Harry feels like he's in it on his own. He will always betray the team to save his daughter. Barry comes up with an idea to close the breaches. Well, it's Harrison's idea, but still. It surprises Harry. 

Harry delivers the speed to Zoom, but Zoom doesn't get any closer to giving Harry Jesse. Like every blackmailer, Zoom wants more. He will take Jesse to the brink of death and back day after day until he has what he wants. 

The breach implosion bomb works. Harry isn't nearly as happy as Barry. Just as Harry is getting ready to tell Barry what he did, Barry gets a call from Iris. He's not fast enough to save her from a glass shard at the race track. 

He looks ridiculous as he's swimming through the air.

Iris is fine. Harry cops to the speed stealing and Joe punches him in the face and puts him into the prison. Harry wants to be sent home. He'll deal with his daughter on his own.

Wally likes to race because he liked long drives as a kid. Because they're the same.

What Harry did to Barry is presenting as chromosomal damage. Barry is in disagreement with his team. Cisco helped Snart for his brother. Why was that any different? Barry can't give up on Jesse or a world. He can't just close the breaches and let it go.

Barry says they're going to help him save Jesse. They're going to Earth 2.

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