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Harry is annoyed that they still haven't trained for Zoom. Still. Cisco slurps, apparently forgetting that Harry's daughter is being held by Zoom.

Barry is out playing good Samaritan rather than face Patty, who is getting ready to leave. One of his nifty tricks to stop a runaway truck is to take off all the wheels while it's still moving.

They discover Turtle is dead.

Eobard just realized what time The Flash is from and wants to figure out how to get home.

Harry DID steal the brain matter of Turtle for nefarious purposes. He probably gave it to Zoom. THAT will be how Zoom defeats Barry. Aaaaahhhhhh. When Garrick wanted to blame Harry for Turtle's death, Harry was shocked.

Iris and Barry are talking about Patty leaving when Joe shows up. Francine is finally dying. Iris should probably say her goodbyes if she wants to.

Cisco wants Harry to help him figure out how his vibes work. Harry says meet me in the time vault. In there, Harry is dressed as Reverse Flash. It's a rush of adrenaline. The quickest way to achieve that result is fear. He vibes on Reverse Flash.

So. Reverse Flash is here for the first time again. Caitlin isn't worried about Tina McGee, but Jay. They better explained why Zoom stealing his speed made him sick, but not how finding his doppelganger can make him better. 

Iris forgives her mother and then leaves in tears. It was dramatic, but kind of uncool.

Patty comes to see Barry again. Now she's mad at him for taking her leaving so easily. As if she wants him to be the character in a romantic novel, begging her to stay. You never told me you loved me. I guess I'll never get the chance now.

Harry has done something to Cisco's goggles. Now he can just vibe. And he does. On RV slicing into Tina McGee much as the other RV did once into Cisco. But it's the future he saw. They speed off to try to save her.

Patty figures out Barry is the Flash.

Iris talks to Wally about saying goodbye to their mother. She tells him about losing Eddie and not being able to say goodbye. She doesn't want Wally to suffer the same way she did.

Joe tells Barry about Patty. Barry doesn't want anyone else in harm's way. Of course, bullshitting about her almost ends Tina's life, but Barry gets there with a millisecond to spare.

He pulls apart the machine. Thawne isn't going home.

They fight. Barry wants to kill him, but for some reason, Joe stops him.

Cisco's nose begins bleeding. Harry notices and walks away.

Jay won't just tell Caitlin why he doesn't have a doppelganger.

Cisco goes down to the Reverse Flash cell and asks how he got his suit in his ring. Then he starts giving him too much information about their past. And his nose bleeds.

Patty tries to get Barry to ask her stay. It doesn't work.

Barry has to go down and talk to the Reverse Flash, too. He asks about killing his mother. There's nothing new, of course. He was the reverse of everything Barry was because he couldn't be Barry.

Cisco is seizing and bleeding. Capturing Eobard has ruptured the timeline and Cisco is suffering the consequences. Sending Thawne back is what spawns his origin story, it's where he first discovers Harrison Wells and why he's killed earlier in time. It's everything. 

Jay Garrick is Hunter Zoloman! That's kind of cool, to be honest. But now I'm confused.

Iris and Wally go to see their mother.

Barry is ready to make hard choices. But Patty calls him and they have a moment.


The Flash
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The Flash Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Flash: You died!
Reverse Flash: Good to know. And guess what Flash? I know what time period you're from. And that means that very soon, you will die.

Harry: What did you see?
Cisco: Reverse Flash. He's here.