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Now that they've made Julian a rather likeable chap, who else thinks more than ever he's Dr. Alchemy?

On The Flash Season 3 Episode 5, Julian shared with Barry his reasons for hating metas, and although they're valid, and he even seems open to the idea not all metas are bad after The Flash kept him from killing a teenaged boy, Julian's anger at not being chosen as one of the special ones might negate all that.

Looking For Help - The Flash

There is a pattern with The Flash and other DC shows on The CW, and it's to make you suspect someone, then to make you think they're not so bad and even like them (Heck, I was cheering on Caitlin kissing Zoom last season), and then to make them the bad guy all along.

I don't see any reason this season will be any different. And being bullied is a big thing. My guess is Julian was bullied as a kid as a result of his weirdo bug-lovin' behavior amidst the wealthy family of his. 

So, maybe the story of the monster and the pumpkin-headed teenager who brought him to life just hit Julian in the right spot to get a little bleary eyed and let his soul hang out.

He'll probably get close to Barry so the reveal of him as Dr. Alchemy will be oh so sad.

Or, he's not the same guy at all. What do you think? All the clues are adding up for me.'re still seething because I called the teenager a pumpkin-head? That's what happens when you're stupid enough to put all those lives into danger because people made fun of you in school. Who was stapled in the back in third grade? Raise your hand. My hand is raised. I'm not doing time for avenging those misdeeds.

I have no answers, but nobody gets a free pass for violence because their feelings were hurt, and they may be hurt even more in the long run. Pumpkin-head.

So much lying in "Monster." HR Wells isn't doing anything nefarious that we know of yet, but he's also rather pointless, unless the gang just wanted a wisecracking quick quipping guy who looks like the real thing but doesn't have a brain. 

Murder on the Titanic! Who did it? Who cares? We're drowning!


Well, not the correct brain, anyway. As always, Tom Cavanagh is loads of fun playing any part he's given, and HR is no exception, but a muse? Come on. Part of his charm is that he's always smarter than everyone else and holds it over their heads.

It's not going to be as fun if a Wells is the dumbest guy in the room, and his only job is to make you realize you already know what to do. Meh.

I think we're going to have to toss this guy back into the breach. Or maybe he'll get killed when the aliens come and it will be a very special moment.

Cait and her mom, though! Those scenes were worth it.

Their relationship wasn't nearly as strained as I expected it would be. But Cait is getting very good an putting her fist down and freezing everything in her path. 

So the more she uses her powers, the more she won't be able to stop using them. That's interesting, because right now, anger is a trigger. And if the shower scene on The Flash Season 3 Episode 4 was any indication, relaxing is another.


It was funny Nigel thought he was going to detain Caitlin and do some testing on her. At least that shows how little he knows about metahumans.

If nothing else, that should be an indicator Dr. Tannhauser isn't going to do an about face and wind up as Dr. Alchemy just because they both share some doctor skills and appeared first on The Flash Season 3

Nigel should have known better than to think he'd just be able to do what he wanted with a meta, even if she was the boss' daughter. Wonder if he lost his hand. Thou shall not hold someone against their will, even if they are a metahuman.

There wasn't too much else to discover on this rather sedate episode. What did you see that I missed? Is it enough for HR to be nothing more than a fast talking muse? When do you think Cait will tell her friends about her powers, or will she just put her fist down and whoops?

Share your thoughts and watch The Flash online if you're behind. 

There won't be a show next week because of the election (I think that's why...), but The Flash Season 3 Episode 6 will return on November 15.

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Murder on the Titanic! Who did it? Who cares? We're drowning!


Joe: So you're saying before two weeks ago you weren't Julian's enemy?
Barry: I'm saying before two weeks ago, Julian didn't even exist!
Joe: Because of your flashpoint.
Barry: I *know* it's because of flashpoint...