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Kamilla and Chester fill in for Team Flash as Barry chases a meta.

Barry catches Hartley Rathaway, AKA Pied Piper, robbing a jewelry store. He gets away.

Chester finds out Barry is The Flash.

Iris convinces Eva to rebuild her R-CEM machine.

Nash builds a residual particle catcher to detect scientific anomalies from Crisis. He enlists Allegra's help, but she finds a picture of him with her doppelganger and storms out.

Barry conducts a test on Gideon's earpiece that knocks him out, as a result of Chester trying to upgrade it.

He wakes up in a cage with Caitlin and Thawne outside of it.

Clone Iris gets mad at Joe when he can't share his new information about Joseph Carver with her.

Chester and Frost find an unconscious Barry.

Barry figures out that he is in Gorilla Grodd's mindscape.

Grodd is still in his coma, but Barry's accident allowed him to enter his mind so that he could ask for Barry's help to escape from ARGUS.

Grodd appears to him in his normal form and lets Barry out of his cage. Barry knocks him out.

Barry comes face-to-face with Solovar -- the gatekepper of Grodd's coma -- when he tries to escape.

Frost figures out Barry is in Grodd's mind. Chester realizes it was his fault when he messed with the earpiece.

Clone Iris steals a copy of Joseph Carver's file from Joe's office.

Eva shows Iris that, when trying to use the R-CEM machine to break through the mirror, she gets burned.

Grodd appears as Joe to Barry. He tells him that the neural inhibitor can't hold two minds and that they will both die if they can't get out.

Grodd tells Barry that he knows about Crisis. He senses that Gorilla City is on Earth Prime and wants to return home. Barry agrees to help him.

Barry merges with Grodd to get past Solovar.

Frost tells them they can't escape the mindscape while still merged, otherwise they would come out as one being and not survive.

Chester figures out they can use Gideon to split their minds just before they escape.

Barry and Grodd escape and wake up in their respective bodies.

Lyla lets Grodd out on probation with a tracking polymer embed in his cerebellum.

Cisco calls Kamilla and tells her he's coming home.

Chester finds Barry's parents' graves.

Barry enlists Chester's help to take down Hartley.

Eva communicates with Clone Iris through the mirror and heals the same burns on her arms that Eva has.

Nash is confronted by Sherloque, whose eyes glow red like the Reverse Flash.

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The Flash Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Up until today, the worst thing I'd ever done before was drown my grandmother's car. Don't try to build a hovercraft at age 11. It doesn't work out.


Chester: Barry Allen is The Flash.
Kamilla: Yeah, I already knew that.
Chester: What? Actually you know what, when I think about it it does kinda make sense. The whole S.T.A.R. Labs super facility, plus the same voice every time The Flash came to visit me at the MAC, and that jawline though. Very distinctive.