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Wally saves a helicopter in distress. His powers are now enhanced due to his time practicing meditation and zen at a Peace Corps camp.

Cisco returns from his trip.

While cleaning dishes in super speed, Barry trips.

Wally tells Barry that he senses that something is wrong with the Speed Force. His Buddhist nun helped him project his consciousness into it, but he has not heard its voice in awhile.

Barry dismisses his worry.

One of the Russians that Wally saved in the helicopter, Maria, is killed by a Russian meta human by speeding up her aging.

Cisco identifies the meta as Turtle 2, someone he was tracking on his trip.

Nash tells Cisco that he's been seeing the other Wells, but Cisco dismisses him.

Kamilla takes a picture of Clone Iris and Iris demands that she delete it.

Wally confronts Barry about his incident with the Speed Force when Bloodwork tried to control his mind. 

Wally takes Barry into the Speed Force. A green lightning storm fills the sky.

They find the Speed Force in the form of Barry's mom and she tells them that it is dying because of him.

Wally takes Barry out of the Speed Force and refuses to take him back.

Barry goes back to the Speed Force physically. His mom tells him that a substance entered the Speed Force that upset the balance of their energies.

During Crisis, Barry made the Spectre give him his energy so that he could enter the Speed Force; that is why it's dying.

The Speed Force dies.

Wally and Barry only have a bit more of their speed left.

Turtle 2 killed Maria because she was one of the informants that helped to convict her.

Wally apologizes to Barry for blaming him.

Turtle 2 attacks CCPD to get to the other informant.

Eobard Thawne takes over Nash's body and tries to kill Cisco, but he doesn't have his speed. They fight until Cecile tazes Eobard.

Barry and Wally run to CCPD by phasing through buildings. They distract her while Joe injects her with Velocity X, which strips her powers.

Clone Iris tries to encourage Barry to give up being The Flash.

Cisco puts Thawne into the pipeline. Thawne threatens to kill Barry and everyone he loves.

He senses that the Speed Force is dead.

Wally tells Joe that he thinks something is off about Iris.

Wally returns to the Peace Corps. 

Barry wants to build his own Speed Force, just like Thawne made the Negative Speed Force.

Clone Iris shoots Kamilla with a mirror gun.





The Flash
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The Flash Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Iris: Barry calls me his lightning rod. He used to say he could find me anywhere in the universe.
Eva: Seems like there's nothing he wouldn't do for you.

Caitlin: Air traffic controls are reporting a helicopter in distress.
Kamilla: Why is it every time I come to visit, all hell is breaking loose?