The Flash Season 6 Episode 4 Review: There Will Be Blood

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The Flash has always known how to take it's audience through a myriad of emotions, but the complexities shown in this episode was superb. 

The Flash Season 6 Episode 4 was a journey from melancholy over Barry's news to complete horror over Russo's actions.

That demonstrates that Flash is best when juggling a series of tones in one episode. 

Ready to Go  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 4

The juxtaposition between Russo's and Barry's acceptance of death created a great dynamic that will surely carry throughout the season. 

Barry's acceptance of death and willingness to do good with his time left on Earth truly proves his status as a hero. Not that we had any doubts!

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In contrast, Russo is willing to kill innocent people to extend his life. He becomes more affected by the dark matter and convinces himself that his purpose is to gain immortality. 

In order to create the bonding agent, I need I have to kill, but first they have to be afraid.


This theme of fearing death was not only felt by Russo but Team Flash as well. No one wants Barry to die, especially without trying to do anything to stop it from happening. 

It was understandable that Cisco was the most upset since he is closet to Barry, outside of the West family. He wasn't going to give up and just let his best friend die. 

Cisco can't accept it  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 4

Seeing Cisco stand up to Barry like that was a little frightening. We haven't seen that kind of tension between them since the aftermath of Flashpoint. 

You know exactly what that is, and I don't care what powers you have, if you want it, you'll have to go through me.


Thankfully, Cisco saw what Barry was trying to accomplish and learned from his mistakes. There is a reason being a leader is difficult, making those hard calls is hard.

Choosing Cisco to lead the team was the right choice, though. Thank goodness for this showrunner that allows Iris her own storyline and didn't try to pull some "We are The Flash." 

Hugs cure everything  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 4

Cisco makes much more sense leading the lab since he is a scientist and will probably inherit Star Labs upon Barry's passing. 

Also, sidebar! Has no one thought about Nora? How is she supposed to be born if he dies sooner than expected? 

Russo was terrifying in this episode. A desperate man is one of the scariest things there is, and Russo proved why. 

His complete dismissal for the value of human life was shocking. Though given the circumstances, what would anyone do in his position?

Ramsey's Mother: Ramsey, I am not your enemy.
Ramsey: I know, the real enemy is death.

Would you accept death as Barry has, as Russo's mother did? Would you try to make the most of borrowed time? Or would you fight? Would you do whatever it takes, moral or immoral to live? 

Cecile Knows  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 4

At the end of the day, Russo is just a man trying to live. He is a villain with nothing to lose, so you can almost understand where he is coming from. 

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Nash, however, is someone I don't understand. What is his deal? What is he trying to accomplish?

The final scene has him trying to track down the Monitor, but why? Does Nash have a big part in the crisis? What is his endgame? 

Red flag city.


So many questions. This Indiana Jones copy cat had given Barry a possible solution to the anti-matter attack, but Barry didn't take it. 

He is convinced that death is his gift and there is nothing that could be done. 

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Ralph was not taking that revelation too well, and I have to say his attitude towards Iris was infuriating. The woman is struggling with the death of her daughter and now knowing that her husband has to die to save the universe.

Yet, Ralph wants to take out his anger on Iris!

Ralph can't accept - The Flash Season 6 Episode 4

Oh hell no! 

He is projecting at the wrong person. He is lucky Iris is so understanding because we all know she can give a good tongue lashing. 

Thankfully, Papa Joe came to the rescue. Boy, was he missed! We only got him a few episodes last season due to the actor's back injury. 

Joe isn't ready  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 4

He was worth the wait, though, because he was throwing advice and heart-to-hearts like it was candy. Fitting, since the episode was set for a Halloween theme. 

I am going to miss him, Joe.


Speaking of Papa Joe, his talk with Barry was so difficult to watch. I'm sure we all were saying "I can't do this," before he did. No one was ready for that heart to heart.

Heart to Heart  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 4

Barry praising and thanking Joe for making Barry who he is today was too much. Barry also told Joe that he is most thankful for him. My goodness, does anyone have a tissue?

Their relationship has always been special, but having them grow throughout the years even closer is so beautiful. Barry and Joe's scenes never fail, but this was a hard one to handle. 

My hopes for this season: 

1. We get to know if Iris will be pregnant by the time we get to crisis

2. We get to see some Baby Jenna. Nora knows her in the future. Will she have powers too?

3. Russo will deliver as the villain scarier than Zoom. (TOUGH shoes to fill) 

4. Cisco can somehow get his powers back ( I miss Vibe)

5. We understand why Oliver's deal isn't enough to save Barry.

6. Someone explains why Barry just can't make multiples of himself as he did with Zoom. 

Don't forget to comment below and watch The Flash online to catch up on any episodes that you missed. 

There Will Be Blood Review

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The Flash Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

You know exactly what that is, and I don't care what powers you have, if you want it, you'll have to go through me.


Ramsey's Mother: Ramsey, I am not your enemy.
Ramsey: I know, the real enemy is death.