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Lea gets into a fight with a tow truck driver who wants to tow her car.

Glassman has a patient who is a great baseball player... and who has a severely messed up back and you can see his ribs and his spine.

Morgan and Shaun have a patient who is in a coma. The husband nods and they take life support off. The woman's thumb moves. Morgan says it doesn't mean anything. Shaun says it could be brain activity. The husband wants her hooked back up.

The baseball player can't move etc because of his back and nobody has been able to do anything but he says Glassman can. He wants a normal life. Glassman wants two residents to assist him. Everyone wants to.

Shaun and Morgan disagree on what to do. Morgan says Elias needs to move on and he can't do so if he thinks his wife can wake up. Shaun thinks they should run tests to see why she is having a dopamine response. He says he's telling Lim and seeing what she says.

Glassman auditions the residents with a practice spine. Asher didn't follow instructions but had a good reason so he's accepted on the team.

Later, Andrews tells Glassman he thinks he's trying too hard to find meaning, while Lea is angry at Shaun for not having her back and plans to expose the tow truck guy as a pirate instead of paying the impound fees.

Morgan and Shaun still don't agree about whether Elias is in limbo. Also Morgan is annoyed that Shaun has gone to Lim. The team discovers the dopamine is coming from a tumor. Dani has cancer.

Glassman says they will do the surgery but Andrews wants to go over risks. Andrews says there is a risk of paralysis or death. All of a sudden Jeff can't do the surgery.

Shaun gives Elias the news. Elias wants Dani to have surgery to remove the tumor. He insists there were changes and maybe she will wake up later. He refuses to take her off life support even though Morgan says she is dying.

Jeff tells Glassman he's sorry he wasted his time. But he doesn't want to risk his life. Glassman tells Jeff about a professional ball player who was helped by a prison guard to get out early so he could play. He thinks about him whenever he has to make a tough decision. He kept fighting even though he was scared. Jeff stopping now doesn't make sense. Maybe he's afraid of success. Jeff admits he doesn't know how to live without his condition.

Lea wants Shaun's phone so she can get the tow truck guy back. She has set up fake Yelp accounts to trash his business with. Shaun isn't happy but gives her his phone.

Shaun announces in surgery he may be participating in fraud. Jordan thinks he should shut Lea down. All of a sudden Dani wakes up.

Dani is cancer-free and brain function is apparently fine. She asks if she missed anything good in ten years. She wonders why she woke up. Morgan says they are running tests. Elias says it's a miracle.

Glassman starts the surgery. Andrews is impressed that Glassman talked the kid into surgery. Asher talks about how he can't break the kashrut laws and eat a cheeseburger. Claire says her mom taught her to play guitar. Since she died she's been afraid to open the case.

Morgan comes home and complains to Park, who also is working on a practice spine even though he was rejected to do the surgery. Morgan helps Park figure it out. She gets a text.

BP starts dropping. They can't figure out why. He's in heart failure.

Shaun says the tumor released a lot of dopamine and that's why Dani woke up. Morgan realizes this is temporary and Dani will go back into a coma. They can't give her the dopamine to stay alive -- it's a toxic dose.

Morgan tells Dani and Elias. Elias doesn't believe her. Dani has 24 hours. Elias wants to see another doctor and insists there has to be a way to save Dani. Dani tells him they have to face the reality.

The team is having a hard time finding the reason for the heart failure. Asher notes his lungs are swollen. His body has adapted to his condition and correcting it has put too much pressure on the lungs. They need to reverse the surgery.

Morgan tells Dani all the stories that Elias has told her about Dani. She says that Elias will spend the rest of his life at her bedside. She has a DNR form for her to sign to prevent this.

Glassman is upset. He says Jeff will be more contorted and in pain now. He has an idea. He talks about a rare condition where the body has a dent that presses against the heart and you have to break the sternum etc to fix it.

Dani has signed the DNR. She doesn't want to be put back on life support. Elias is upset. Dani says that he let her go to a job in Boston once. She didn't need his permission but he knew it was something she needed to do. Elias says this isn't Boston. He can't let her go. Dani says she woke up because he couldn't let her go.

Dani tells Elias she feels guilty he never got to go to Costa Rica because of her mother's illness. He never went. How could he go without her? She says he has to. Dani is weakening as they talk. She flatlines.

Jeff has a brace now and Glassman asks him to try to stand up and gives him a walker. He is afraid he's going to fall. Jeff stands. Then he give Glassman a hug.

The tow truck driver wants extra money for being after hours. Lea threatens to put a lot of bad reviews on Yelp. Shaun betrays Lea again or so it seems. He leaves Lea her keys so she can drive off while Shaun is pretending to pay.

Asher takes a bite of a cheeseburger. Claire performs at an open mic.  She plays a song her mother taught her.

Andrews has Jeff's post op images. Everything is great. Glassman says it feels great but seems upset. Andrews gives him three new cases.

Park gets Morgan ice cream and they bicker over how much she owes him.

Lea is excited about what they did. Shaun admits he paid him $250. He thinks Lea has been a bit crazy with this whole thing. She agrees she has been, but it wasn't about the car. She's pregnant.




The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

What were you doing ten years ago? That's how long it's been since her aneurysm ruptured and Elias has been waiting for her to open her eyes and say 'hi honey I slept in.'


Elias: What does that mean?
Morgan: It's a natural reflex of dying muscle.
Shaun: Or it could be hypoxia or an electrolyte imbalance... or brain activity.