On The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 10, Lea has pregnancy complications that could risk her own life as well as that of her and Shaun's unborn baby.

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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 10 jumps ahead three months. Lim is now walking slowly with a cane as she recovers from surgery and Lea is beginning the second trimester of pregnancy.

During an ultrasound, Lea and Shaun learn there is some thinning of the uterine wall, which could put the pregnancy at risk. There's a chance that Lea could have a uterine rupture, which would put her life in danger as well as risk losing the baby.

The doctor suggests bed rest, but Shaun has another idea: an experimental surgery that will help thicken the uterine wall as the uterus grows. Lim reminds Shaun that this surgery is Lea's decision, while Glassman says that it is risky.

Lea opts for the surgery. Shaun is a nuisance during it and afterward will not allow Lea to have visitors because he thinks it will interfere with her recovery. However, Asher talks him out of this idea. Soon afterward, Lea feels nauseated and collapses. She is bleeding internally and Glassman will not allow Shaun in the OR while they try to save her and the baby.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Park argue over whether Park should accompany Morgan to her IVF appointment while they also work with a teenager with Gardner's syndrome, and Lim debates whether to accept Clay's proposal.

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On The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 10, Lea's pregnancy hits major complications that could lead to a second miscarriage and Shaun cannot help her medically.

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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Shaun: Due to Lea's previous surgery and her uterine scarring I put the chances of a uterine rupture at 65 percent.
Lim: It's Lea's body. It's her call.

Andrews: It's been three months. The man has the patience of a saint.
Lim: I'm recovering from major surgery and learning to walk again!
Andrews: Your recovery is amazing and is matched only by your procrastination.