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Cassie is considering teaching classes, but not holistic medicine. She's hoping to put her art history degree to good use.

Joy gets pictures of her old boyfriend on her phone, reminding her of her "cursed" relationship, and she doesn't even know the details of Abigail's issues with Donovan.

Sam goes over medical results with Adam. He has a small tumor on his spine. Adam is gobsmacked. Sam wants to proceed with surgery the next day. He'd rather not wait.

Abigail and Martha initiate Joy in the curse and the mysterious box with gems. She finds and uses a key. There's a limerick on how to break the curse.

Stephanie wants Adam to contact his parents, but Adam doesn't want them to worry.

Joy cannot stop thinking about the curse.

A woman comes into the flower shop, revealing that she needs a professor of French impressionism!

Martha's daughter-in-law is coming, and Cassie can't wait to meet her. We've never met Claire. In all these years. It seems Martha doesn't know her well.

Carter isn't thrilled that his girlfriend, Mia, wants him to go to a fancy dinner with her boss. Joy seems poised to help him when she mentions he needs to dress to impress.

Dylan is home, and we meet Claire. She's a mini-Martha!

Martha's going to be a grandmama. A tiny Tinsdale is on the way!

Sam's worried. Adam's surgery is tricky.

Cassie assures him Adam couldn't be in better hands. Then she shows him the card from Professor Alicia Barnes. Cassie has an interview for a temporary teaching position. It's finally a time when she's unsure of herself.

Oh my. So much for mini-Martha. She's so much like her, but there is a lot they haven't shared with Martha and Tom, including the sex of their baby.

Cassie's comment about knowing one's self while getting to know someone else makes a lot of sense in this perspective.

Donovan and Abigail are taking a shortcut Cassie offered when the bike stalls. Cassie wants them out there for a reason!

There is a historical spot right where they stopped, and they head over.

Stephanie isn't handling the upcoming surgery very well. She wishes he had his family or a chaplain to confide in, but Cassie knows he has exactly what he needs.

Adam makes Sam a surgical mix-tape.

Joy gets Carter a suit. She figures she owes him since he didn't take her truck.

Alicia wasn't sure she should interview Cassie with no teaching experience, so they begin talking about art.

Cassie would like to inspire her students in the same way she is inspired by Rembrandt.

Carter feels like James Bond in his suit, except for the workboots.

Stephanie and Donovan play with anagrams while they wait for the next train.

Her anagram of Dearport leads her to teardrop, and now they think they're onto something.

Cassie connects with a student in the eatery and begins teaching before she even gets the job. Her unconventional method, using the mandala and concentric circles, draws a crowd.

Visualization is a great tool.

Pre-op labs look great. Stephanie and Adam play cards. Gin is next.

Oops. Stephanie doesn't know how to play.

Abigail and Donovan are looking all over the place for the diamond. Donovan wants to give up, but Abigail doesn't.

The plack is dated 1819, eleven years before trains came to the US. There is an old stagecoach nearby, so they head over.

Martha and Claire continue clashing at the Bell, Book, and Candle. Cassie laughs a bit while the two sniff off into different directions.

Knowing the peanut butter cheese crackers from the vending machine are waiting for him will get Adam through surgery. Steph is shocked. She thought she was the one that would get him through. Both, he says.

As soon as Abigail and Donovan begin giving up, the sign falls down. Donovan heads over to fix it. It's an old stagecoach schedule. The clock tower is mentioned, and it's still standing.

It's a pretty long walk, and just as they realize that their phone signal returns.

Cassie doesn't get the job. She's disappointed, but Joy brought sausage and peppers pizza to soothe the ache.

Adam realizes it's a lot different, being a patient than the chaplain.

Cassie takes Martha a lovely rocking horse that Martha finds dreadful. It makes her think of her mother in law, who gave her something very similar.

And that's the lesson that Cassie wanted to teach her -- she's challenging Claire in the same way Martha's mother-in-law challenged her.

Abigail and Donovan find a beautiful monocle, but nothing more at the clock tower.

Joy and Cassie discuss Joy's mother, who taught them both something special with her love of sandcastles. Joy offers to turn the storage room into a meditation room for Cassie.

Adam is scared, but he's glad that if he has to go through it, it's with Sam.

Feeling defeated, Abigail and Donovan spot a statue with one teardrop. She grabs the monocle and moves to the statue. There are letters hidden in the base of the statue.

Now they have to determine the meaning of the letters because it's definitely not an anagram.

Alicia visits Cassie. She has heard about what happened in the quad, and she realizes that Cassie's life experience is invaluable. They'd be lucky to have her.

Martha apologizes to Claire. They are both who they are and shouldn't challenge each other because they're family.

Joy wonders why Carter isn't at dinner. He broke up with Mia because he realized that if she loved the suit, then she wants him to be someone he's not. Carter says Joy did him a favor. He and Mia were never right for each other.

She helps him sand.

Abigail and Donovan are still struggling with their mystery. They bring Sam in on the fun. He wants to see the monocle. ON the side of it are letters. It's like the Ovaltine watch!

It's a cipher. They need to find another piece that has letters around it so that they can crack the puzzle.

Stephanie finds Adam in the chapel.

Sam and Cassie stand before her mandala. She has him touch it to share some peace. With each sweep, you let go of a little more.


Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Joy: I think this is a lot to take.
Abigail: Welcome to being a Merriwick.

Adam: [sighs] Tumor. My arm was asleep.
Sam: Sometimes, people don't have any symptoms at all. Your arm weakness helped us catch it early.