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Cassie is placing art around the house done by Nathanial Merriwick.

Abigail chats with Cassie while eating her second muffin of the day. She hopes that she and Donovan didn't break up for nothing.

Sam sees only one painting with people -- Nathanial, his wife Meredith, and their child, Patience.

Grace is at the Alta Mira Caves in Spain.

It's Grey House's 225th birthday. Martha just returned from a mayor's conference and finds the paintings inspired.

It absolutely lends itself to a tableau vivant, and she and Cassie begin planning.

Social Media guru Hailey begins snapping photos the minute she arrives. Cassie wants her to see with her eyes instead of her camera, but Hailey's all into her influential status.

Adam is holding his coffee mug with his right hand, but Sam's not impressed. Adam has missed his last two physical therapy sessions. To check his progress, Sam challenges him to a game of foosball. Sam scores the first point and drops the mic, so to speak.

Cassie passes a generational pearl necklace to Joy to help take her mind off of the dream and the breakup.

Martha delivers Stephanie some good news - a year-around greenhouse courtesy of the town. The caveat is that Martha wants Stephanie to be in charge of divvying up the plots.

Cassie removes Hailey's signal to teach her a lesson.

Stephanie calls out Adam for giving up, and he flat out admits it's not going to get any better, so he's just quitting.

One of the paintings is by a P. Connolly, and the C is drawn as a crescent. Abigail shares that news with Donovan who wants to draw her close. She won't be tempted. They have 200 years' worth of Merriwick history to sift through.

You can only paint your house one of four colors in Middleton. Martha refuses to allow Stephanie's mustard request even with a dash of canary, an approved color.

Joy is pretty darn particular, even about her coffee as Carter learns. The two of them think they know the perfect people for each other to date. Aha! They're missing the big clues here.

Hailey went all over town trying to find a signal for her phone, but she missed the entire place instead.

The PT lady reminds Adam of his 4 p.m. appointment.

Martha is delivering information around town for her tableau. Joy will be a part of it, acting at the Grey House party.

Carter describes his perfect date which makes Joy swoon. Describing his perfect person to date almost brings her to her knees.

Donovan's mother drops by his office to discover there isn't any more him and Abigail. He doesn't want to talk about it, and she won't push. But she remains open to him talking about it.

It took him two seconds to change his mind. She knows a Priscilla Connelly, wife of Daniel Davenport, brother of Broderick. Donovan's job just got a lot easier.

Stephanie steers Joy in the right direction with Carter.

Joy is missing the clues, likely because of her pearl necklace.

Sam is painting Grey House, and although he's got only the structure so far, it looks good even if he doesn't think so.

The Middleton Community Greenhouse is in full bloom already.

Stephanie doesn't see Martha's name on the signup list. When Martha wants an exception, Stephanie says back to her exactly what Martha said to her.

Carter tries to get Joy to guess her date. Andy's an accountant, Joy says. Something doesn't click with Joy, she says. Andy the accountant. Carter says to take her word for it.

Andy is so going to hook up with Hailey.

Adam is strong as a chipmunk, according to his physical therapist.

Joy wants to hook up Hailey with Carter.

Stephanie and Martha continue to argue. Cassie calls out Martha about compromise, and Stephanie is willing carve out a plot for Martha, but she's given them all out. Martha walks away in a huff.

Dottie visits Abigail. She wants to be there for Abigail. Nothing breaks a mother's heart more than seeing her child's heart in pain.

Dottie laughs when Abigail says the truth can't conquer the truth. They sound like each other and are more alike as they care to admit. Way to kick a girl when she's down, Abigail says.

Dottie has grown quite fond of Abigail and wants to do what she can to keep her and Donovan together.

Martha is collecting props for the tableau, and Cassie challenges her to go to the greenhouse.

Adam calls Sam the break room to show him his skills as a result of taking a chance on physical therapy.

There is an entire bundle of heather at the greenhouse, and Stephanie has it. It's a community garden and meant for sharing. She wants to make up the whole mess to Martha. Martha thinks she can.

Carter set up Joy with Andy because he's super precise and accurate.

She gets bothered when she sees Carter hitting it off with Hailey.

Abigail is in hair and makeup. Joy arrives. Five out of six actors are there. Donovan comes in with info on the Connelly family. There are none left.

Martha is excited to see Donovan because Nick is stuck on the runway unable to arrive in time. Abigail thinks Donovan should do it because it will the last time they're together.

Before they go on stage, Abigail notices that the walking stick looks a lot like the Davenport family crest. When he gets a look at the deed, his face shows emotion.

Cassie's face proves that she knows what's in the deed from Broderick to Priscilla. He gave the traveler a piece of his land. Payment to Priscilla for her part in the curse.

Adam and Stephanie have a cute tongue-in-cheek chat resulting in a kiss.

Andy needs to leave to play online chess. Joy just feels off her game. Carter made a work connection with Hailey, but he's not going to LA. He made a commitment to Joy. Abigail can make a few calls so that Hailey has a good carpenter in LA. Joy and Carter plan extra crispy onion rings.

Martha and Stephanie make up. Stephanie is splitting her greenhouse spot, and Martha approves a fifth color for Middleton houses.

Cassie and Joy remove Joy's pearl, the item which made Joy appreciate being herself.

Sam's painting isn't the best, but I couldn't do it.

Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Joy: I was trying to help them not hurt them.
Cassie: I know.
Joy: Sometimes I wish I didn't know what I know.

Grey House is not without its moments or its treasures.