The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Crazy Whitefella Thinking

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The bottle episodes continue with a stunning performance by Scott Glenn as we find out what the hell Kevin Garvey, Sr., has been up to since we last saw him.

The tremendous growth of Sr. was well noted on The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 3, as were the connections to the overall story arc for the final season.

Glenn gave an Emmy-worthy performance, and yet another one which defies definition. Is Sr. a lead or a supporting character this time around? It's hard to tell when you place this performance up for consideration.

Wandering the Outback - The Leftovers

For the purpose of our story, I'm calling Kevin Sr. without the Kevin, because it's just so much easier. 

I love everything about Sr.'s story, from how he got to Australia to how he found his purpose. Becoming a wanted man by way of trying to save the world is such a Garvey thing to do, isn't it?

The way his story came around the whole way to the Gospel According to Kevin was also beautiful, and only fiction written by the incredibly talented can be as bizarre as real life.

Sunday nights now hold the most intelligent and brilliant viewing available with both The Leftovers and American Gods. If the technical gods hadn't seen fit to air them both at the same time, I would have been thrilled, but gods have never been all that kind to me.

A Long Walk - The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 3

Sr. was on a great journey on which he listened to a tape from 1981 of the Kevins on a road trip. The point of the journey is to, according to the Aussie government, steal native songs that don't belong to him.

According to Sr., he's been appointed by Tom the Chicken, the only living being remaining in a town that departed, to sing to stop the rains that were coming upon the seventh anniversary of the Sudden Departure.

Without everything we know, the whole thing sounds like a bunch of hooey. But we know what we know, and dammit, the Aussie government knows what they know. Things aren't what they once were. Why not cut the guy a break?

On the seventh year anniversary of the Sudden Departure, the rains will come, and with them a great flood. I have to sing to make them stop.


Mr. Sunday - The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 3

If they had done so, maybe Chris Sunday wouldn't have died. Everything happens for a reason, so Sunday wasn't meant to stay on this earth. He must have a greater purpose, just as it was Sr.'s purpose to make his way through the desert with a bum leg.

Just as it was a completely Garvey experience to become a wanted man for the desire to save the world, coming upon the only car in the middle of the desert only to find the man inside was of no help was perfect.

Sr.: What are you doing??
Man: They didn't take me.
Sr.: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's just slow down for a sec!
Man: They didn't take me.
Sr.: They didn't take most of us. You're not alone, trust me. But that was seven years ago!
Man: Would you kill a baby if it would cure cancer?
Sr.: What?
Man: Would you kill a baby if it would cure cancer?
Sr.: No.
Man: That is exactly what I said. [lights himself on fire]
Sr.: Wait! Oh, shit.

The length of time Sr. was gone was shocking. The time between his phone call with Matt about the bible and Sr.'s anger at not being a part of the book and winding up at Grace's house in good health was weeks later, a mere eight days before October 14th, or 15th in Australia.

Nothing at all had gone well for Sr., but he was saved. He had a true Saving Grace.

The same couldn't be said for the other Kevin in her area who was a Chief of Police, but when Sr. and Grace got to know each other, she was very forthcoming with Sr.

A Strange Dinner - The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 3

Grace's story was heartbreaking. All of the stories from the Sudden Departure are heartbreaking, but not everybody comes into contact with someone related to Kevin Garvey seven years later, taking their sorrow and giving them hope.

Of course, her hope was turned on its ear as soon as she drowned that jackass. Our Kevin would have never behaved like the man she encountered, and it's impossible not to hope she'll find her way to Kevin now that she knows Sr.

After all, what were the odds all of those events were going to take place at the same time Kevin and Nora were also making their way to Australia?

Surely it means they will all converge upon Grace's house, and Grace's murderous ways will not be in vein.

Saving Grace - The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 3

She's ready to turn herself into the authorities, but Sr. likely has other plans, especially since there is a boat being built in her backyard. Their spirits have to be kindred.

Grace: But you're not an angel, there is no message and God doesn't care about me. It's all just a story I told myself. It's all just a stupid, silly story, and I believed it because I've gone a bit crazy, haven't I?
Sr.: No, Grace. I don't think you're crazy at all. You just got the wrong Kevin.

This was such a beautiful hour focused on one character, his love for his son and his driving purpose keeping him afloat. Kevin Sr. could have let go any number of times, but his belief in what lies ahead and what needed to be done would not let him. 

Glenn did some of his finest work, proving himself integral to the story going forward.

What did you think?

Crazy Whitefella Thinking Review

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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Kevin Sr.: OK. Since you clearly weren't listening the first time I told you, I'm not a part of Kevin, Jr.'s story, he's a part of mine. He's the one who guided me here. He's the reason I'm here.
Matt: I'm sorry. When did this happen?
Kevin Sr.: When he was eight years old.
Matt: Well, children don't feature prominently in scripture.
Kevin Sr.: What about Abraham's kid?
Matt: He was 36 years old.
Kevin Sr.: No, when he tried to sacrifice him.
Matt: He was a grown man, 36 years old.
Kevin Sr.: That makes no fuckin' sense at all.

Sheriff: What are you doing?
Kevin, Sr.: Preventing the apocalypse. What are you doing?