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When Danny and Mindy are watching a movie at home, Danny discovers Mindy's proficiency for pirating movies and music from the internet. Danny strongly disapproves that she is breaking the law when Mindy's computer gets a virus and is destroyed. 

At Mama Castellano's for dinner, Mindy offers to take Annette shopping. While they are out, Annette and Mindy begin to bond over Danny. But, when they are checking out, Mindy sees Annette steal an expensive Top Gun‚Äč-like jacket, which turns out to be for Danny.

Mindy is conflicted about Danny knowing the truth and confides in Jeremy, who says she should keep it to herself. After Tamra thinks her bracelet was stolen, Mindy confronts Annette about it and she gets furious for accusing her. Unfortunately for Mindy, the bracelet wasn't stolen.

Annette tells Danny about the situation and makes Mindy apologize. Mindy can't take the Catholic guilt and tells Danny the truth. Danny makes Annette return the jacket. At the store when Annette is almost arrested, Danny decides to help his mother and they run out with the jacket before she gets in trouble.

Elsewhere, Peter loves his new relationship with Abby. After he declares that she is the perfect woman, Peter begins to rethink the idea when Jeremy points out that she does not push him to change. When she invites him out to a night of partying, Peter finds an excuse to leave early and, the next day, breaks up because he wanted a different kind of relationship. Abby takes it well, only for the fact that she's stoned. 

After dealing with Annette's theft, Mindy decides to actually buy a song. Appropriately, she buys a Top Gun song and Danny gets very excited now that he has the jacket.


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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Actually I hate brunch. But, if you're like the first brunch guy in the history of the world, we can go get some.


It's not against the law if everybody does it. It's like how I pretend to be in the Armed Forces so I can board a plane early.