The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 7 Review: We Have to Talk About Annette

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To steal or not to steal. That was certainly not the issue on The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 7.

This week, we were treated to another addition with Danny's mother, Annette, but this time she had a little secret that Mindy discovered.

The idea of Annette and Mindy spending more time together was a wonderful idea considering how great the scenes and chemistry is between Rhea Perlman and Mindy Kaling. And there is nothing they do better with each other than fight.

By far, the greatest part of the episode was Mama Castellano throwing some good ol' Catholic guilt on Mindy. There are probably a number of people out there who could relate to the basic aspects of this, which made the entire situation all the better. 

You don't understand. You're dealing with Catholics now. This is a guilt dinner. Which means she's going to torture you. Get ready to repent, Lahiri.


Everything from an extremely particular dinner prayer to heavy guilt, receipt framing style, the scene was a great way to see how Danny could deal with the Annette/Mindy relationship. 

Of course, with the appearance of Annette, there also came her dear friend, Dot. I couldn't help but laugh or shake my head at everything she said. It's either something inappropriate to add or was a back up for Annette. Either way, whenever Annette appears, Dot needs join her.

There were also changes to the new relationship of Peter and romance novelist, Abby. Based off the beginning, it seemed like Peter had found his match and I was looking forward to that. I guess that wasn't the case. 

Actually I hate brunch. But, if you're like the first brunch guy in the history of the world, we can go get some.


Even though Abby seemed like the yin to Peter's yang, Peter decided it was best for him to have someone who would make him go to brunch, rather than letting him leave the house without pants.

It was a disappointment to only have Allison Tolman on the show for two episodes, and even more to see Peter have another failed relationship. It seems he does want to have the stable relationship he had with Lauren, rather than being the skeevy-Peter he was when he was introduced. Though, Abby did have some entertaining parting words.

If you ever want to get baked and go to a Renaissance Fair, then I'm your mi'lady.


Amidst Mindy and Peter's issues, Jeremy and Morgan got some great screen time and lines to share. 

When Mindy went to Jeremy for advice, he seemed genuinely thrilled to give it to her. His solid British family slogan helped Mindy, for a bit, until she told Danny the truth. But, we may want to know now, who is Uncle Susan?

In Britain we have an expression, "Keep Calm and Don't Mention Uncle Susan in the Attic." That might just be my family.


The little bit from Jeremy I enjoyed was the text messages between Jeremy and Peter. Was there a need to correct the British spelling of "labour?" Probably not, but the fact that Jeremy did, made a not so funny text message into a much funnier one.

The running joke for Morgan was his lack of pay. How could it possibly cost 3 months salary for a drug store bracelet? But, the fact that Shulman & Associates pays Morgan so little is amusing.

Morgan: It was a charm bracelet from the drug store. But, it's 3 months salary down the drain.
Mindy: Oh My God, we pay you so little.
Morgan: Hello! I'm on a poster for a poverty campaign.

Finally, what is an episode without Danny Castellano doing something both adorable and laugh-worthly? Well, with the help of the jacket his mother stole, we got that moment.

Like Mindy, I have never seen Top Gun, but I have heard my fair share of references, I got the basics of the music, jacket, and characters' name. Having Chris Messina go into full Top Gun-mode at the end was well worth any unknowns I had of the film.

Did Peter make the right decision to break up with Abby? Should Morgan get paid more at Shulman? What friendship/relationship is the most fun to watch?

If you have missed any of the episodes, make sure you watch The Mindy Project online via TV Fanatic so you can catch up.

We Have to Talk About Annette Review

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Actually I hate brunch. But, if you're like the first brunch guy in the history of the world, we can go get some.


It's not against the law if everybody does it. It's like how I pretend to be in the Armed Forces so I can board a plane early.