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Klaus wanted Hope to channel her rage into attacking him, but she admitted that she needed to find a way to avenge her mother's death. 

As such, Klaus delivered Roman to her and said that she should kill him in wicked fashion. As Hope tried to channel her rage, she said that she hated Roman. 

He ultimately admitted that the part he played in all of it was his own fault and that she should kill him. She decided against offing him. 

Emmett kidnapped Marcel and took his venom out of his system. Josh showed up after picking up a voicemail and tried to save his friend. 

When a scuffle ensued, it ended with Josh having the venom inside him. But he knew the end was near and was prepared for it. 

Marcel comforted him, and he passed away. 

Marcel then joined in the fight with Emmett, but Hope decided she was going to be the one to kill them, so she unleashed all of her rage, killing all the people in the room. 

But she had no idea Declan was upstairs going through Cami's old things. Klaus saved him, but the man who was showing him around died, signaling the curse kicking off. 

Josh met Aiden in the afterlife and moved on with him. 

Ivy and the other witches mysteriously woke up, but Vincent told them they were all dead and were transitioning into vampires. He said the best thing they could do is kill to become them. 

Ivy relented, saying that she was fine with going to the other side, but Vincent took her there and it was nothing like her dreams.

Vincent decided to open the ancestral plain to allow the former witches to have their power in the earth. 

The Originals
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The Originals Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Ivy: Vincent?
Vincent: I'm here.
Ivy: What happened?
Vincent: Emmett poisoned you.
Ivy: I thought I was dead.
Vincent: Ivy, you are.

Hope: It's not working.
Klaus: You're holding back.
Hope: You really think I want to feel this way? No matter how hard I try to get it out, I don't feel any better.