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Conrad and his former military buddy are racing in a Doctors Against Cancer race. They both come in first. A drunk guy injures himself, breaking his fibula, and they immediately head into the action. They discuss when they used to serve together.

Conrad's friend tells him he's thinking about reenlisting in the Marines.

Bell asks another doctor about possible solutions for a tremor. He is thinking about Benzos. 

Devon asks Conrad about his time in the military with Jude.

Louisa keeps having back pain and aches. While pushing a patient, she collapses. Barb, the woman who is supposed to be helping the doctors cut costs, upcharge, and be efficient tells, Conrad, that they have to let her go since she likely can't afford any of the necessary procedures. Louisa takes off, but she collapses again and Devon and Conrad have to treat her in the hallway. 

Barb tells Conrad, Devon, and Nic to get Louisa out of the machine because. 

Hank, the man who hurt himself at the race, has liver disease from being an alcoholic. 

Barb cancels Mina's hernia surgery and orders more tests instead. 

Barb also finds out that Louisa is an illegal immigrant. She demands that they stop treating her because she can't afford surgery. But because of her aggressive tumor, Conrad knows that she'll die without having surgery. Barb doesn't care. 

Jude and Conrad reminisce about their days in the Marines. Jude tries to entice Conrad with heading back and not having to answer to anyone while treating and helping people. 

Conrad asks Lane to look at Louisa but she doesn't want to get involved because of Louisa being undocumented. 

Barb takes the case to Claire, the CEO, and Bell. She tells them the numbers and how much it will cost the hospital either way if they had to deal with her. 

Claire tries to shop Louisa around to other hospitals. She gets into a negotiation with two other hospitals hoping to ship off Louisa and offer up Medicaid or Medicare patients and some money in exchange. 

Lane's foundation refuses because the donors want to pay for American citizens, not illegals. 

Conrad tries to appeal to Bell's love of medicine and need to help back when he was younger. Bell wants to help Louisa too, but he knows that helping her could cost other patients. 

Someone calls ICE on Louisa. Conrad finds out later that Claire had Barb do it. Devon and Conrad stand up to ICE but Nic lets them known that everything is in the clear. Louisa has already been rushed into surgery. 

Mina had previously volunteered to perform the surgery, and Jude was all in on breaking a few rules too. ICE can't get Louisa out of surgery. 

The surgery is a success but Claire and Bell try to determine how much Louisa will be costing the hospital. If she's well enough afterwards to walk, then she'll only cost them about half a million, but if not, it could be up to two million. Louisa is not well enough to walk. 

Claire is upset and tells Conrad that thanks to this stunt, she will have to take the money out of trauma and the ER, so the area he works in will be understaffed. 

Bell is still taking the Benzos that his friend suggested and his tremor appears to be gone for the moment. 

Lily is rushed back into the hospital. 

Conrad tells Jude that he's not ready to give up on Nic yet. 



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