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Mina and Nic treat patients at a pop up free clinic three hours outside of Atlanta. They're trying to serve the rural community.

Conrad is on his way to search and rescue when he stops to help Kyle. But he gets a call from his patient Archie that sounds ominous. He and Kyle race to Archie's home.

They bust down his door and stop him from taking an overdose of pills. When conrad talks to Archie's wife, Archie tries to shoot himself and Kyle stops him but Archie is shot in the gut. Conrad rushes to Chastain with them and Bell has to operate.

Archie had MS and wanted to save his wife from all his medical date. Red Rock sued him for medical expenses after Chastain charged him thousands of dollars for a different anesthesiologist.

Bell lets conrad know he'll wave his fee. They bond over Red Rock being awful to them.

Kyle comforts Archie's wife but he speaks about Archie's suicide attempts as if he speaks from experience.

Conrad noticed and is concerned. He later tries to get Kyle to spend time with them but Kyle declines.

Kyle goes to get his car out of impound and pulls out a gun from the glove compartment.

Conrad doesn't tell Nic.

Nic and Mina treat the rural community and when they're about to close sisters come to see them.

The one sister has a heart monitor that requires batteries but she forgot that at home and her VAD is about to stop.

They have to race to get batteries in time. But her home is hours away and she only has minutes left.

They attempt to meet an ambulance from Chastain halfway with the equipment but they don't make it in time. She decides to pull over to die with her sister with her.

When it's time for her heart to stop they discover her heart has actually healed and she doesn't die but she has a blood clot that needs surgery.

AJ is moved by the case and tells Mina his feelings but she doesnt want their relationship to change.

Andrea meets AJ in the hall and hits on him. She gives him her number.

Cain tries to trick her into going out on a date claiming its business relatedness. When she sees what he's doing she leaves the restaurant and AJ calls her to ask her out.

Princess Nadine comes back into the hospital. She has a minor bump. But she keeps flirting with Devon. She confides in him about how lonely and stifling her life is.

He sneaks her away for ice cream and she kisses him.

Ezra shows signs of OCD and Devon talks to him about it.

Jessica returns to work and works with Bell.

The Resident
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The Resident Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

If you change your mind, you should call me, and I'll hook you up. And if you don't change your mind, you should still call me. Unless you're spoken for. 


We've known each other a long time. You know I'll do anything to help.