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Conrad meets Reggie the guy he saved at the zero gravity event who is a coach. He has a student, named Dax, who had a calf injury that needs a second opinion.

Dax takes a hit to the stomach by a soccer ball and collapses. He needs help so they take him to Chastain.

Bell and Devon check out Dax, and Conrad isn't supposed to be there.

Kyles calls Nic because he got arrested. He got in a fight, and Nic is concerned about him and wants to spend the day with him, but he says he'll meet up with her later.

Adaku can finally hold her baby for the first time after getting cleared. She's happy but Mina is shown to have concerns and is even a bit territorial of baby Michelle after spending so much time with her.

Devon is doing a round with Internal Medicine. His attending is annoyed about all the patients they have that he thinks should be in the ER department instead. He tells Devon to block as many patients from coming there as possible because hospital policy is to put surgical patients first.

Logan confronts Conrad about being at the hospital because Dax has a deal to be seen at St. John's instead.

A young woman comes to the ER, and it causes issues between Irving and Devon when Devon blocks Riley.

Nic realizes her father has packed his things up at his house. He wasn’t going to tell her he was leaving. He tells her he ruins everything and offers her money from the sale of his car.

Bell, AJ, and Conrad are talking about Dax and how his team doctor missed something with his health. Bell gets a page that he is crashing. They rush there. Conrad helps with chest compressions while Bell and AJ cut into his chest to release pressure and blood. He has a massive hemothorax and needs surgery. Logan has Conrad escorted out of the hospital.

AJ and Bell realize they need Conrad to figure out what is happening with Dax. They meet up with him at a coffee shop to run through everything.

They rely on him to treat Dax the entire time and even have him watching live footage of the surgery as they cut into Dax. When they figure out that Dax's intermittent fasting exacerbated his mitochondrial issue, they're able to treat him. They share that Conrad was the one who helped them.

Conrad is offered a job as team doctor for the soccer team and a position at St. Johns. He takes the deal to Logan knowing he can't refuse landing such a huge deal. He returns to the hospital as chief resident with control over who can treat the athletes.

Devon finds Riley in the ER by herself. She has a stroke. When Devon tells Conrad about the issue while meeting with him at the coffee shop, they both give each other mutual peptalks.

Devon finds a solution that will make sure that the patients are at least close to where they need to be if there's an issue.

Nic tells Conrad about her father and then realizes that something isn't right. She goes to Kyle's house and figures out that he's trying to kill himself. She talks to him about how much she needs him and encourages him to not do it.

She gets through to him, and she convinces him to go to an inpatient treatment in Savannah.



The Resident
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The Resident Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Attending: I knew you weren't a pure medicine resident. You've been tainted by the ER.
Devon: I wouldn't say that.
Attending: What are you to do be?
Devon: A blocking machine.
Attending: A blocking machine.

I'm a friend of the patient. That's not against hospital policy.