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A cop comes in with a criminal. They both need to be treated, but the criminal requires more attention and surgery. 

The cop needs the criminal to give up information about a hostage situation. 

Devon makes it know that they treat everyone no matter what they did. It's not their job to judge anything. Meanwhile, the cop and Conrad connect over being renegades in their fields. 

When the cop is afraid his injuries may cost him his job, Conrad can understand why the cop is upset. His job is his life. He appeals to Conrad to get him into the room with the criminal to do whatever he can to get information about the hostage out. 

Conrad eventually agrees to help, and he and Devon have a standoff about it. Devon knows it isn't ethical. He can't condone Conrad's actions. It leads to being a success. The hostage is rescued. 

Nic is on Cain's service. She catches a misdiagnosis of his patient and lets him know. The woman doesn't need an expensive surgery after all. He acknowledges that she cost the hospital lots of money, but he offerse her a job working on his service full time. 

Cain and AJ have to scrub in together, and it's a battle of the egos. Nolan is awkward between them, but they both kick butt in surgery and seem to part ways respecting each other. 

Bell meets a woman who is trying to pitch her medicinal supplements. He swoops in and wants in on this idea so he can become famous. 

He meets up with Grayson's father so he can invest in it. 

Conrad loses one of his patients to a pulmonary embolism. He has the ME look into it and realizes that his patient was a dialysis patient. There have been multiple deaths of dialysis patients including Jessie to pulmonary embolisms. 

Something being given to them is causing this and killing them. 

He tells Nic about it. 

The Resident
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