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Marshall shows up when Conrad texts him. He tells him about the hospital and how he wants a group of people to buy it. Marshall says it's a smart decision for Red Rock and that his finances are tied up, so he can't front the money right now, but Conrad wants him to think about it.

Conrad also tells Marshall that he's going to be a grandfather.  

   Bell laments leaving when Chastain is where he's been for 30 years. Chastian is all shut down and closed up. It's their last day. 

   Cain still hasn't woke up.  

   Devon says he won't give up until Conrad does. A patient comes needing the ER and is aggravated when they can't treat him. The ER at the other hospital is too crowded.

Devon has to remind a patient Henry that he isn't getting his heart transplant anymore.

Mina's new employer is in Boston. It could get her visa. She tries to talk AJ into coming with her and he says he'll consider it. 

   Cain wakes up but Kit has to sedate him when he tries to rip out his tubes.

Nic gets bloodwork done and it comes up critical. A man comes in seeking medical attention and is irritable and  in withdraw. He slices Mina with a knife and stabs Nic in the side.

They all rush to save her with what they have.  

  They put together an OR with everything they have left.  

  Bell, AJ, and Mina are all operating on Nic. Jessica is there too.  

   Marshall and Kyle comfort each other. They get Nic stable and Kit tells Conrad the news. They all transport her to to ICU, but they have to move her. 

Cain wakes up and sees nic getting wheeled away. He tries to pull the tunes out again and falls out the bed. Kit and Bell set him up again, but don't notice that he's trying to communicate. 

Nic may not wake up yet. They don't know what's wrong but it isn't good.  

   Mina blames herself for what happened.AJ tells her that he's finding a place in Boston, and she's happy because she can't lose anyone else.

Cain asks Kit if Nic is OK, and he wants to help. 

Devon talks Conrad through piecing together what's wrong with Nic. He remembers that they never got her thyroid results. Devon and Conrad go rushing to find out.. they get her on the necessary meds. 

   Cain learns about Henry and gives them a radical idea to save him by treating his heart condition like a brain tumor. 

Nic wakes up. They check the ultrasound to find out how the baby is. The baby is fine.

Kit suggests that they become a public hospital with the help of congresswoman now governor Randall.  

Bell and Marshall talk her into it and the hospital will be run by the doctors.

Cain gets transferred to a county hospital not unlike the vent farms that he sent his patients to..

The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Kit: You look like how I feel?
Bell: You know how long this has been my home?  Thirty years. I interned here.
Kit: It's like a death in a family. How many patients are left?
Bell: Just a handful. They'll all be gone tomorrow. 

Conrad: Keep coming through for me, Dad. One text and you hop on a plane. 
Marshall: I would do anything for you.