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  • Nic wants her friend to come visit her. 
  • Billie, a former resident at the hospital, comes to the hospital and has an odd run in with Devon before she gets a chilly reception from Conrad. They don't get along. 
  • She oversteps a few times and they bicker a lot while they're worried about Nic. 
  • Nic has some more issues and it turns out that the baby is anemic because of the blood transfusions Nic had after the stabbing. They have to do blood transfusions for the baby. 
  • It gets hairy, and they're afraid that the baby may miscarry but they have to take  the risk to save the baby.
  • It goes well and Billie is supringsly useful.
  • Billie apologizes to Conrad for how she was behaving and how insenstite she was. She rehashes what happened when she got fired so he understood the real story. She had to make up for a poor attending and made a judgment call. 
  • They make up and support Nic. 
  • Conrad tells her to she can stick around for Nic. 
  • It's the first day with Chastain going public, and Devon and Irving have to figure out a rhythym taking care of people when they're in high demand. 
  • Devon saves a man whose diagnosis would've slipped through the cracks after Irving had to discharge him. 
  • Many of the doctors are bailing because ofthe pay cuts. 
  • They need a new doctor for a complex plastic surgery giving a young boy new hands. Bell calls Jake and he agrees. 
  • Jake,Kit, and AJ perform the surgery and it gets hairy,but it's a success. 
  • Chastain is looking for a new CEO, but they only looked at the men. Kit called Randall out on it, and Randall sat in the gallery and watched Kit in action. She  names her CEO. 
  • Jake joins Chastain.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Billie: Hawkins. 
Conrad: Sutton.
 Billie: Bet you're' thrilled to see me.
Conrad: Nic wants you here, so I want you here.

you want your special parking spot, park mine somewhere else.