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Conrad makes Nic breakfast in bed. She tells him she's not ready to tell people she's pregnant yet. She thinks about having the miscarriage last time.

Devon's mother surprises him with a visit, but he's not doing well. He has a black eye, there are food and empty beer bottles everywhere and he hides a series of medications he has in the bathroom. 

Mina and AJ bring each other breakfast.  They're having a fun exchange when Mina asks him to marry her because her Visa is expiring and her renewal was denied because Nigerians are refused visas to move to the US since February 2020.

AJ teases her for her lack of romance and wooing and says they'll figure it out.

Conrad tries to check in on Devon and inquires about his face. Devon says he had a bike accident and lied to his mom about it because he didn't want her to worry. Conrad reminds him that there is no time limit on grief, but Devon insists he's fine.

Their new patient comes in. A mother brings in her daughter Trinity whose fingers are all dislocated. She insists she's fine and has a high pain threshold. They set her bones, but her mom wants her checked out because of her balance. 

Devon mentions how mother/son relationships are just as complicated, but when Conrad tries to talk to him more, Devon rudely and abruptly shuts him down.

Yorn says the boost from the show may save Red Rock but he wants to fill the CEO chair with Bell but Bell is worried that if they don't make enough money RR will drop them anyway.

A fan, Fiona, interrupts Bell when he's with Kit and wants a picture. She later shows up at the hospital to see him too. She wants to know if she can work at Chastain at an entry-level.

Trinity is lightheaded, stumbles when walking, falls, has a fluttering heart, passes out and needs more tests. 

AJ tells Nic about Mina's proposal and asks Nic to help plan a nice wedding. 

Nic takes a moment in the supply closet and Devon bumps into her. He asks her to write a script for him for sleeping meds. He claims his doctor is out of town and needs some now to help him sleep better and focus. Nic writes a script for a couple.

Fiona pops into Bell's office again and shows him nudes. She starts to undress and he alerts security and Kit comes in. Fiona spazzes out and they have to inject her with a sedative.

Nic tells Mina that she can't marry AJ if it's not real and that she knows about the deportation. She wants to know why Mina didn't tell her. Mina tells Nic that she knows she's pregnant.

Fiona is a missing person.

Trinity loses sense of smell and her mother freaks out that she may have contracted COVID again. She collapses. AJ runs an EKG and realizes that she had a heart attack. He says she must've had one before.

Trinity tells them that they went to a protest months back and that when things escalated they were tear-gassed. That was the last time her mom had issues breathing and tear gas affects the heart.

Fiona has a tumor growing near her kidney that is causing her psychosis and they have to do an emergency surgery. Conrad checks in on Devon again.  He notices that Devon is tired and tries to relate to him again. Devon gets agitated and shuts him down again.

Mina tells AJ the wedding is off and that her immigration lawyer told her that their marriage would raise too many red flags. She doesn't want to put him in jeopardy, but their opinions on the wedding differ.

Devon's mother shows up at the hospital to drop him off food. He gets upset with her, and she tells him that he doesn't answer her calls or rushes off and the reason she didn't tell him she was coming is because she knew he'd say no..

Trinity has Resten syndrome. Devon and Conrad talk her through how to manage it. She beats herself up a bit about how she treated her mom and both men reassure her while also talking through her to acknowledge Devon's grief.

Conic have an ultrasound. The baby is healthy. 

Kit urges Bell to take the position of CEO again so he can have control And tells him that plastic surgery brings in money and suggests he hire his stepson.

Devon gives Nic the pills back. He wants to figure some things out. CoNic tell everyone they're pregnant and having a little girl.

Devon goes home and talks to his mother. He tells her the truth and talks about how guilty he feels and reassures her when she blames herself. He asks her to stay because they need each other. 

Mina apologizes to AJ for how she proposed and tells him that she loves him. He loves her too and swears they'll figure something out.

Bell goes to take the CEO position but Yorn tells him that they've already sold Chastain. It's prime for development and will be converted to condos.

The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

If I want to stay, I have to find a way to renew my current visa or marry an American citizen.


Mina: I do not hate this part of being in a relationship. 
AJ: Oh, such high praise. Tell me, what can I do to make sure you stay this effusive?
Mina: There is one thing, uh, you can marry me.