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Cain finds out that his patient is suing him and a colleague is backing up the person.

Cain happens across a car accident, pulls a lady out of a burning car, and gets hit by a car when he's chasing off someone video recording everything.   

Bell goes to speak to the RR board head and offers to help search for a new CEO and finds out that they're selling the hospital.    

 AJ and Mina talk about Cain. AJ knows that she told Mrs. Mullins about what happened. They bicker and set some ground rules for their relationship at work versus outside of it.

Nic wants bloodwork to confirm she is pregnant because she doesn't feel any different. 

The accident victims are brought in. The woman says Cain saved her life. Conrad and AJ treat Cain and discover he doesn't have sensation in his arm. They run a CT. 

Cain is going to need a complex orthopedic surgery and demands they page Kit. 

Bell tells Kit about the plan to sell the hospital. He has a plan to use his show to showcase how valuable Chastain is and hopefully get donations too.   

 Conrad takes Nic's blood in secret.

Devon's patient is dying and Devon tells him that he won't survive his severe burns even though he can't feel anything. He encourages his patient to contact his daughter despite their strained relationship. His patient declines.     

   Kit consults with Cain. He admits that she's the best, and they realize that his issues are bigger than no hand function. She has to do surgery on him and he wants his residents to watch because he knows that he almost killed her son in law before.

Mina tells Nic about her relationship with AJ.    

   Bell finds a patient who is charismatic to follow for the show. He settles on the social media obsessed Emmett. Emmett agrees.

The woman Cain saved, Eva,  is gunshy about being filmed. While Nic is treating her, she sees herself on TV and tries to leave but passes out.

Eva's emergency contact is an FBI agent. They figure out she must be a witness and they're told she needs to be secured.

Cain needs heart surgery too and first. AJ talks to him about how excited he was when he arrived and how disappointing it was that Cain alienated everyone but he's still hopeful. But Cain only asks about who is testifying against him.   

   A mystery man is already at the hospital looking for Eva.

Mina makes assumptions about Bell because of the televised surgery.   

   The man who came to see Eva arrives and it's someone she knows and cares about. They were lovers and planned to get married. But Eva went into witness protection one day and they never saw each other again. Eva blew the whistle on insider training at her firm. Darren.

Eva has a stroke.

Devon's patient McCloud dies.Mina criticizes Bell and his show.   

   Cain's residents don't wait for Kit to start surgery because that's usually Cain's policy. But Cain's hand twitches.

Darren helps Conic figure out what was going on with Eva. They thought she had rheumatoid arthritic when it was really a form of anemia.   

   The resident cut too deep into Cain and it causes issues puncturing his lung.  Kit goes off on then in the OR and then has to page AJ.

Emmett's surgery gets dicey while the cameras are rolling, but Bell and Mina take a huge risk and it pays off.

Darren wants to go into witsec with Eva.   

   McCloud's daughter shows up and Devon talks to her. He did call her before he died and she got to say goodbye after all. 

Emmett thanks Bell and sets him up with a Twitter and Instagram account.    

   Cain is out and the complications mean they're not sure if he'll wake up. They haven't even gotten to his hands. 


The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

AJ: Mina, I'm giving Barrett a chance to see if he can redeem himself. 
Mina: I'm not going to hold my breath about that.

Yorn: We have no need for a new CEO. Not now, not ever. 
Bell: You're selling the hospital.
Yorn: Yeah, Red Rock doesn't throw good money after bad.