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Conrad and Nic are in their happy honeymoon stage.

Mina and AJ have slept together, but Mina wants to keep things quiet. AJ agrees.

Devon is still having a hard time with his father's loss and sees his father haunting him.

A council reviews Logan's leadership during the pandemic.  They ask the staff about him. Kit doesn't mince words. Cain backs Logan. Conrad tells them about the PPE.

Devon returns to work and Conrad checks in on him. Conrad and Nic went to key wear for their honeymoon. An employees needs help with his boss. She's the congresswoman Congresswoman Randall. James  her employee seems very worried about her. Her husband is a football player that will get there when he can.

Conrad sees that they're escorting Logan out. He got fired and he blames Conrad for sharing the one thing that would get him fired. Conrad tells him that he could have been on the winning team and made a real difference. Logan warns him that things are going to get bad.

Nic unveils the memorial to their staff who died from COVID. 

Bell has some thoughts about the people he has hurt in the past and who would he there for him when he passes.

Nichelle is stressing herself out and has a hard time breathing. Devon is distracted thinking about his father dying.

Cain's patient he performed the emergency surgery on months ago has now returned to the hospital with blood clots. 

Conrad inquires if Devon is doing OK. They wonder if their patient is really suffering from some fungus she picked up in Kentucky at a yoga retreat. 

Kit is curious about who is replacing Logan as CEO.  She finds Bell FB stalking his ex-wife's son. He reached out during the pandemic and didn't hear back. He was close to Jake, but then his ex told him he couldn't communicate with Jake anymore and he regrets listening.

Nichelle coughs up blood and they know it has to be something else.   

   Aj talks to patient Ben Mullins and realizes that he probably contracted COVID during the surgery, Cain lied about why the surgery was imminent.

AJ confronts him about it and Cain challenges him on only calling him out when other White doctors have done the same. He accuses him of having the crab in a barrel mentality and bringing him down one black man to another.  

   Aj tells Mina what happened but Cain got in his head and he's having second thoughts about blowing Cain in. 

   Conrad figures out that something is happening between Michelle and James 

   Minator's patient has a stroke and they have to page Cain.

Michelle can't feel her legs and Kit has to do emergency surgery on her so she won't be paralyzed. 

Bell shows up at his stepson's performance to speak to him. It doesn't go well. 

   Mina goes off on Cain, but AJ reins her in.

Surgery gets hectic and Ben nearly dies but Cain does a risky surgery and saves him. Mina still is angry about Cain and AJ explains that  his decision is hard because of the racist system they deal with. Mina doesn't get it and is upset when he calls her off as both superior and boyfriend.

They figure out what's wrong with Michelle after James admits they went to the Caribbean together. It was some kind of parasite or worm. They saved her but Devon lays into her for wasting their time by not being honest. 

   Conrad and Michelle talk about her marriage and secrecy. 

Devon tells Conrad about what happened when he went to the hospital where his father died and how it was understaffed and underfunded in a poor black and brown neighborhood and his father didn't have to die. 

Mina told Ben's wife about Cain and now they're suing. AJ is upset with Mina for going behind his back. 


The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Mina: Had we recklessly hopped into bed two years ago, who knows where we'd be right now?
AJ: Agreed.
Mina: And we will restrain ourselves in public to keep this whatever it is private?
AJ: Agreed.
Mina: Are you just going to agree with everything I say? Please tell me you aren't losing your edge, Andre Jeremiah? 
AJ: Oh, please. Losing my edge is the last thing you'd have to worry about Mina Okafor.

I feel like we've done the research and the results are in. Sex is better when you're married.