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  • They are all in their feelings about Betz, a billionaire pulling ahead in the governor race.
  • While Hundley is waiting in the line to vote a man gets aggressive and starts assaulting people leading to a series of injuries.
  • Devon updates Kit about one of his patient's in his MS trial having some issues which worries Kit.
  • Conrad is trying to get Cade to have breakfast with them in the mornings.
  • Mendez, the one guy who tried to stop the other one assaulting people needs to get imaging but doesn't want it.
  • Leela has a new intern, Maya.
  • Stuart, the guy who started the brawl, almost attacks Billie while she's trying to tend to him. Conrad tries to stop him, and notices that he's a vet. He thinks he can connect with him.
  • Kit check on Ben, the patient in the MS trial, and she thinks there are things that could get him back into the trial.
  • Cade tries to feel out what's going on with her father.
  • Stuart's sister Emma shows up, and when conrad brings her to him, Staurt is gone. Conrad finds Stuart outside looking for cigarettes.
  • He's trying to quit smoking and the medicine he's taking could contribute to his impulse and anger issues.
  • Billie concludes that Ben will not do well with the procedure and he could be paralized or possibly die from it. Kit is projecting a lot because of Bell.
  • A cop comes in and shows a bit of the brawl, focusing on Mendez and says he wants to talk to him. Hundley immediately says that she was a witness and  points to Stuart as the one who started everything. Mendez starts freaking out and says he wants to press charges, has trouble breathing, and AJ concludes that his lung is collapsing.
  • a fractured rib punctuated Mendez's lung
  • Padma is still bugging AJ about her latest venture and interest.
  • They find a mast in Mendez's imaging obstructing his bowel.
  • Devon is concerned because Kit is being too hopeful about Ben's outcome
  • Mendez is terrified of the surgery and Maya talks to him about it. But when they open him up, they see that it has mestastizaed and he's terminal.
  • Maya is upset when she finds out there's nothing they can do and Leela seems too callous about the whole thing. She runs out of the OR. Leela apologizes to AJ about it, when he tells her that she should apologize to her intern for her callousness. She's still new and only got from the situation that her mentor doesn't care.
  • Leela and Maya inform Mendez and his wife.
  • The surgery for Ben doesn't go well and becomes a race against time.
  • Padma freaks out and feels that she can't feel the babies. But everything is fine and she's worried about motherhood and whether she'll be good at or not.
  • Leela talks to AJ about how terrified Padma is and how  all the things he thinks are silly are difficult on her.
  • Kit realizes that she wasn't seeing clearly on this case.
  • She talks to Devon about being scared.
  • Conrad talks to Billie. He tells  her how he feels like Nic is watching him throug her eyes, and he asks if Nic would approve of Cade. She tells him taht seh and Nic woudl want him to be happy. She's tryihng to hold back on her feelings and doesn't walk out with him because it's too much for her.
  • AJ and Leela bring Padma her favorite food and spend time with her.
  • Cade brings her favorite chicken from her favorite restaurant to the house but Gigi went to bed. He and Cade make out.
  •  Betz wins the governor's race.
  • Kit and Billie clear the air and go get drinks.
  • Cade agreed to spend the night and have breakfast with Gigi, but she ends up getting up in the middle of the night to leave.
  • Cade tells Conrad about her father's possible addiction and her fears.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Kit: M.S. is such a bastard. You think you're on a plateau, and then it just crumbles.
Devon: Things are developing all the time, Kit.
Kit: I know. Randolph is doing much better, but it's always there, like a sword hanging over our heads. I think I'm handling it or at least compartmentalizing, but apparently, I'm scared.
Devon: For what it's worth, you do a really good job of keeping that a secret.
Kit: I know.
Devon: There really is hope, you know.

Billie: We can't worry about things we can't control.
Kit: Those are the things that worry me the most.