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  • Gigi has nightmares about someone breaking into the house and trying to grab her.
  • The twins, Devon, and Padma are celebrating out and Padma is having twins.
  • Leela is chief resident.
  • Padma passes out. She shows up at Chastain the next day to get checked out.
  • Conrad's return patient Cierra is back with a bad burn
  • There is no evidence that Ian's cancer has mestatsiszed so he's in the clear for now.
  • Cierra is forgetting things, confused, and she's walking off, so they have to keep her.
  • Padma says that she missed her last appointment.
  • Cade things that Cierra has an addictoin issue.
  • They do the ultrasound and the second baby is underdeveloped.They also don't have a strong heartbeat.
  • Cierra shares that she had insomnia and that she doesn't sleep because of the nightmares. It was neurological
  • Conrad and Billie talk about Gigi's nightmares.
  • Devon has the lab ready and running for his diabetic trial but the sponsor pulls out because Chastain doesn't have the superior lab facility.
  • Devon is on his way to find out what's going on with Padma's pregnancy.
  • They have twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Blood isn't flowing evenly between the twins.Padma needs a surgery.
  • The chef has a mast
  • The equipment that Ian needs to perform the surgery isn't there and the closest facility with better access is in Orlando so they need to transfer her.
  • Bell's trial is going well even though they miss being apart from each other.
  • Leela starts mirroring the signs of TTDS but now a storm is happening and they can't fly out. They're out of time and need to do the surgery now.
  • They have Bell arrange to get the equipment they need from the hosptial where the fetal medicine is being taught at.
  • The students show up to watch Ian perform this surgery. Ian has to take a moment because the pressure is too much.
  • Ian goes to his office to take some more durgs.
  • Billie finds a parasite egg in the chef's head not a tumor.
  • Padma and the babies face a few complications while Ian is performing surgery and everyone else panics but him.Ian pulls it off and everything is fine.
  • Ian is called to do another surgery and takes more drugs. Cade notices.
  • The chief had a parasite from eating undercooked pork.
  • Conrad and Cade are dating and Billie is in her feelings about it.
  • Billie talks to AJ about what happened when she tried to tell Conrad how she felt.
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