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  • AJ and Conrad take a road trip to a nearby prison to see an inmate. Janae, the nurse who helped AJ and his mother, called AJ for help. It's her brother.
  • AJ hired a babysitter for the twins. But Padma has a hard time with someone else looking after her kids.
  • Irving shows Cade pictures of the wedding and she sees a pic of Conrad and Billie dancing. Irving tries to cover, but Cade is worried.
  • They talk to Bobby and notice how poorly the C.O's and stuff are treating him. He has a seizure and has to go to the hospital.
  • Kit and Bell are headed to meet the govenor.
  • A Bristish couple comes in when the woman has stomach pains they held off because they didn't wantt o come to an AMerican hosptal when it costs so much.
  • Kit and Bell get ambushed by press when they try to enter the room to speak with the governor. He set them up.
  • Devon's patient has kidney stones and neends surgery
  • Kit tries to speak cordially with Betts, but he's so fully of it. Bell starts intervening and eventually exposes Betts' medicare fraud which gets the press in a frenzy and prompts Betts to leave. Betts wants all the dirt on Bell.
  • Cade talks to Conrad about Billie, and he assures her that they're just friends.
  • Betts meets with a new doctor to get information about Bell.
  • He threatends and leverages Donald, the doctor's past to use
  • Bobby has cancer. They figure it may be heridtary so she'll get tested too
  • COnrad talks to Irving and looks at pictures from the wedding. Irving talks about the dance but Billie interrupts.
  • Billie and Conrad talk about the dance and she tells him she's confused but he seems happy with Cade. He confirms she is, so she says she's no longer confused.
  • Conrad tells Billie that he wants her to be happy and James, another doctor, approaches her about a date. She looks at Conrad and agrees to it.
  • They find out that Bobby has chimeraism, two sets of DNA, and since his conviction was based on DNA evidence, he may be innocent.
  • He had a bone marrow transplant that mixes with his DNA.
  • Bobby does the surgery to buy himself more time to fight his appeal
  • Donald ends up in Bell's surgery.
  • Claire, the British woman dies despite their best efforts.
  • Donald tells Betts that Bell missed something with Claire's case and that' swhy she died and he heard some rumors about Bell. Betts is excited and wants more information.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Find me every ounce of dirt on that, Dr. Bell. I'm going to destroy him.

Governor Betts

Conrad: This next chapter looks good on you, AJ.
AJ: Thank you, my brother. And what about your next chapter? What's the status with you and Cade?
Conrad: We're having fun. She's really great.
AJ: Hm. You know it's funny, I thought you and Billie would end up together, but I adjusted, told myself I was wrong. But then I saw you and Billie dancing at the wedding.
Conrad: Cade wanted to be at the wedding, she just had to work.
AJ: Ah, yeah, that explains everything.