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After Homer walks into a bank with a candy apple in his pocket, they mistakenly think he's holding up the bank and Homer ends up getting stuck with doing community service for causing panic.  Homer ends up bonding with his supervisor, Chief Wiggum, over some parm sandwiches, and soon teacher's pet gets out of service duty.  The two of them soon share a drink and become best friends with Homer going along for ride alongs.  Eventually, Wiggum takes a bullet for Homer during one of their adventures and ends up in the hospital.  Although Homer spends every day with Wiggum until comes out of his coma, he wants to leave the day Wiggum wakes.  Wiggum gets insulted and their friendship is over until the two get taken prisoners by the mafia and Homer's faith in Wiggum helps get the two of them out.  In the end, they become friends again and use the police chopper to mess with Flanders.

After a birthday party, Bart becomes addicted to a Pokemon-style trading card game, Battle Balls.  After Skinner convinces Marge he thinks Bart is getting into drugs, Marge confronts Bart regarding his new obsession.  Once she learns it's battle balls and thinks they're cool, Bart loses interest in the game and attempts to flush his toy.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 18 Quotes

Homer: Community service? But that's work! What about jail?
Judge: Community service!
Homer: No, I want to go to jail. Free food, tear drop tattoos, library books that come to you. I'll serve anything but the community!

Bart: I don't even remember if Dylan is a boy or girl.
Marge: Of course, you do. Dylan is a ... let me check the invitation, fish theme, that tells me nothing!