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After Mr. Burns forces the staff of the power plant to be his slaves at his Fourth of July BBQ, they revolt and end up stealing his expensive wine and trashing his artwork.  Mr. Burns calls the cops, who end up arresting him when they discover the artwork to be stolen.  While in jail, a born-again Christian sucks the evil out of Mr. Burns.   Meanwhile, Smithers runs the power plant in Burns' absence and is originally soft until he learns the troops are taking advantage of him and talking %@#^ behind his back.  Smithers, instead, ends up being tougher than Burns, prompting Homer, Lenny and Carl to break Burns out of prison, restoring order.  Oh and it turns out Burns held a little evil between his toes and it grew to make him more evil than ever.

Back at the Simpsons house, Bart and Lisa attempt to bond over her ant farm, but they end up breaking it, getting all ants but one eaten by Santa's Little Helper.  They end up bonding over the surviving ant, but eventually it's about to die of natural causes.  They decide to set it free in nature... where Santa's Little Helper eats it.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 17 Quotes

Mr. Burns: The power plant's new annual Fourth of July picnic is this upcoming Saturday.
Homer: Woohoo!
Mr. Burns: I'm afraid you misunderstand. This picnic is for me, you will all be spending your Independence Day slaving away in the hot summer sun with no pay, lotion, or gratitude.

I'll tell you my tale.. by thinking it to myself.

Mr. Burns [narrating]