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Bart finds Snake hiding out in his treehouse and saves him from the cops. As payback, Snake steals items to thank Bart. However, when he steals something from Milhouse, Bart is forced to confess the origins of his newfound riches. Milhouse turns in Snake, and he is captured. Luckily, Bart saves Snake from being executed for his crimes.

Meanwhile, Lisa meets a new kid at school named Lucas who wants to be a competitive eater. Marge worries about Lisa's future and that she'll end up with someone like Homer.

She asks Homer to take Lisa on a date to show her what she should really expect from a future suitor, and Homer is offended that Marge would hate to see Lisa married to someone like her dad. Lisa and Homer have a good time at dinner, and Marge shows up to apologize to Homer.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 17 Quotes

Justin Blobber over there doesn't remind you of anyone?


Bart: Don't want to be seen with you when you're hitting bottom.
Lisa: At least we hope it's bottom.