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After Principal Skinner announces an amazing field trip on a naval submarine (and that only the most well-behaved students will attend), Bart decides to be on his best behavior. Unfortunately, he fails to secure a spot on the sub because Skinner becomes drunk with power. Bart and Homer team up to get even with Skinner, which they do by having Agnes fake her death. Skinner, believing he killed his mother, is nearly run out of town before he finds out about the ruse. Meanwhile, Krusty decides to sell foreign rights to his show, which backfires when his foreign counterparts become more popular than the original Krusty the Clown.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 7 Quotes

Bart sweetie, this is an opportunity for you to turn things around...yet again. And I believe in you...yet again.


Lisa: You could do what Everybody Loves Raymond did.
Krusty: Go off the air while I'm still good? That horse has left the stable, gone to the glue factory and has been used to make art projects.