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Bart's first school dance is coming up and he's less than enthused about it. 

Rod and Todd are upset that Homer is not nice to Ned and that he calls him stupid. 

A girl asks Bart to dance and he agrees, even winning a best dancer trophy. The bullies surprise him as he leaves and breaks his trophy, inspiring Marge to start an anti-bullying campaign. The town agrees to pass the anti-bullying law. 

The police are arresting basically everyone in town for anything that remotely resembles bullying. Rod and Todd report Homer as a bully and the police come to arrest him. 

Homer is sentenced to 90 days in a treatment center. He thought everyone hated Flanders, but he finds out he's wrong. He realizes that he hates Ned because he's better than him in every way. 

Ned becomes upset that the reformed Homer is now seen as a hero. He goes to see Homer and tells him he needs an apology. Homer begs him for forgiveness but Ned doesn't give it to him. 

Homer stays outside on his hands and knees in front of Ned's house until Ned finally comes out and forgives him. 

Otto has a random trippy dream when he falls asleep in jury duty. 

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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 21 Quotes

Bart, some of your biggest heroes are dancers. Krusty was on Dancing with the Stars until a panel of experts determined he wasn't a star.


Homer: No no honey, I love everything you force me to do. And sometimes if you do all that, you get a very special night.
Bart: And what does that get you?
Homer: Hopefully not a you.