The Sopranos Season 1

"I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano"

Tony begins to retaliate for the hit against him and is shocked to learn Junior and Livia were behind it. Junior tries to hide, but is caught by the Feds first.


Tony becomes depressed over Big Pussy's disappearance, and increases his meds and only leaves the house to visit his beautiful neighbor.

"Nobody Knows Anything"

Tony is shocked to learn Big Pussy might be a snitch and sends Paulie to investigate; Junior reaches the tipping point.

"A Hit is a Hit"

Tony gets discourage when he tries making friends in the normal civilian world; Christopher and Adriana try their hand in the music industry.

Tony and Silvio hatch a plan when they learn something disturbing about Meadow's soccer coach; Tony learns Junior's secret.

"The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti"

The Sopranos crew begins to cleanup evidence when they learn some FBI indictments may surface and Christopher is upset to learn he wasn't named.

"Down Neck"

A.J. gets suspended from school for drinking sacramental wine; Livia learns her son is going to therapy from A.J.

"Pax Soprana"

Tony's crew gets upset when Junior starts taxing long-time members so Tony brings in Johnny Sack from New York; Carmela is upset when Tony's medication renders him impotent.


Tony takes Meadow on a college tour through Maine where he discovers an ex-mobster who relocated there under witness protection; Father Phil comes to visit Carmela.


When Jackie Aprile dies of cancer, Tony and his crew agree to give in to Uncle Junior; Christopher gets angry when he discovers what happened to Brendan.

"Denial, Anger, Acceptance"

Tony, Paulie and Silvio enter into a business partnership with a Jewish hotel owner; Tony struggles with the terminal illness of his friend Jackie Aprile.

"46 Long"

Christopher and Brandon do a little truck hijacking on their own, upsetting Uncle Junior; Tony's crew does a favor for AJ's teacher; Tony puts Livia in a home against her will.

"The Sopranos"

Tony, the Capo in a Jersey mafia, begins seeing a therapist, Dr. Melfi after suffering from panic attacks.

The Sopranos
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The Sopranos Season 1 Quotes

(to Mahaffey) That's a shame. A medication comes along after your gambling gets your fucking hip busted to shit.

Big Pussy

Dr. Melfi: Have you ever had a prostate exam?
Tony: Are you kidding? I don't let anyone wag their finger in my face.