Sit back and get comfy: A LOT went down this week! The smaller stuff first:

- Caroline and Matt grew closer, as the latter admitted he's felt weird since they cuddled - and only cuddled! - last week. But it's a good weird. They ended the episode eating a lot of junk food in bed. Fully clothed still.

- Matt Davis debuted as Alaric Saltzman, the new history teacher. He offered Jeremy a chance for extra credit by telling him to do a paper on local history. As it turns out, Jeremy's father kept a box full or family artifacts. Might Alaric actually have known this? After all, he's a shady dude; or, should we say, a shady likely vampire!

He wears a ring, like Stefan and Damon, and he couldn't go inside the Gilbert house following a date he went on with Jenna. He told Jenna during that date that his wife died and he just moved to Mystic Falls, but we're on record right now as calling total BS on that line.

- Now, for the major stuff: Bonnie tried to get rid of her necklace, but it kept popping up wherever she went. As a result, she, Elena and Caroline (who has now been told Bonnie is a witch, but has her doubts) tried a seance to contact Emily, Bonnie's relative that's been haunting her dreams. The lights flickered on and off, the candles blew up a bit and Bonnie's necklace was somehow transported to another room. Bonnie went to retrieve, the doors locked, some really funky stuff happened and by the time Elena and Caroline got to Bonnie, it was clear what had transpired: Emily had possessed her! Bonnie/Emily proceeded to leave the Gilbert house on a mission, one that will make more sense after we go back to Stefan and Damon for a bit:

In an attempt to learn why Damon wanted the necklace so badly, Stefan tried being a fun brother. He drank, he played football with Damon. He tried to bond and told Damon that they never actually loved Katherine. She had simply commanded them to do so. But Damon was hearing none of that. Instead, he told Stefan why he wanted the necklace, which is also why he returned to Mystic Falls!

Turns out, Elena did not die in the church fire mentioned a few episodes ago. Instead, Damon had struck a deal with Emily, who was Katherine's hand maiden: cast a spell on Katherine so that she gets trapped (safely) in the tomb under the chuch. In exchange, Damon would make sure Emily's family remained safe, which is why he couldn't do anything to Bonnie. There was some mumbo jumbo about the comet from the show's second episode giving the necklace new life, but the point was this: Damon had returned to rescue an alive Katherine from the tomb! He needed the necklace to do so.

As this tale finishe, Elena calls Stefan to tell him what just happened with Bonnie. Off the Salvatore brothers go to the spot of the old church in the woods, where Emily is saying she cannot keep her end of the deal up. She cannot release them. Who is "them?" Shockingly, Damon wasn't telling the whole truth: Emily's spell has cast all 27 vampires from the church inside the tomb. They were all alive (and starving!) under there. It wasn't just his old love Damon wanted back; it was revenge on Mystic Falls via the freedom of all these vampires.

But Emily wouldn't do it. She torched the area and exploded her own necklace. As soon as this happened, Emily became Bonnie again. Damon attacked. Stefan pulled him away and saved Bonnie's life by giving her his blood. Damon was left crestfallen at the prospect of never seeing Katherine again, saying he'll now leave.

Stefan, meanwhile, was left with a bad taste in his mouth... almost literally! He told Katherine he had to leave as well because too many people had died.

The episode ended with Elena revealing all to Bonnie and with Jenna getting another, scary surprise: there was a knock on the door. Jenna opened it. Hello, Logan! He asked Jenna if she was gonna invite him in... and we all know what that means!

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