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Caroline Forbes is nursing her pain with a bottle or two of tequila as The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 16 begins. Liam shows up at the Scull Bar and Caroline asks him to leave with her. It's an offer he can't refuse but probably should have. She ends their makeout session by dining on Liam.

Stefan and Elena are shocked to find no trace of Caroline at her dorm or her house. Everything's gone like she was never there at all. As Elena begins her search for Caroline on campus, Bonnie shows up in their dorm room in the flesh for a teary reunion. 

Damon and Kai visit the Salvatore family crypt where Damon is digging up his mother to see if she's inside the coffin. Kai has confirmed that it's possible for his mother to exist in a 1903 prison world after dying of consumption in 1858. Kai suggests his mother is a vampire and Damon denies that it's possible. When he opens the coffin, it's empty.

Enzo spies Sarah Salvatore taking his picture in a diner and invites her to tea. 

As Bonnie settles into life in the dorm, it's clear that there are lasting effects from being trapped in the prison world. She jumps at the sound of a cork popping out of a bottle of champagne and doesn't want to call Jeremy.

Caroline returns to the dorm as Bonnie and Elena talk and she's brought with her dozens of shopping bags. She tells Elena she's replaced everything and then spots Bonnie standing in the room. Caroline is unphased by Bonnie's presence and only wants to talk about herself. In exchange for not killing Liam, and promising not to kill anyone, Caroline wants one year without having to feel anything.

Stefan informs Damon of Caroline's new life choice, but Damon doesn't inform Stefan about their mother. Not until he knows the truth. Damon wants to go back to 1903 to find his mother. Kai wants to see Bonnie so he can apologize before he'll help Damon go back in time.

Sarah tells Enzo she has photos of him in his vampire form and he snaps the memory card in half. Caroline appears and nearly blows Enzo's game of luring Sarah into the dark world of vampires. Caroline invites Enzo to a party at Whitmore. 

Stefan finds Liam at the hospital and asks him about his night with Caroline. Liam can't remember being bitten and tells Stefan about the party off campus. Stefan calls Elena and tells her about the party and she and Bonnie go hoping to find Caroline.

They find her and she's having fun. When she spots Elena, she mouths "I'm fine" and pretends she's going to bit her dance partner. Bonnie burns the hands of a guy who tries to come on to her on the dance floor. Stefan and Elena discuss the fact that Caroline is using vampire blood to heal her victims. Stefan wants to get Caroline to turn her humanity back on. Elena wants to give her a year.

Bonnie gets a call from Damon and they discuss her transition back into her regular life. Damon tells her about Kai's transition into a person with feelings following the merge with Luke but Bonnie doesn't believe it. She doesn't want to discuss Kai which means Damon can't ask for her help in getting back to his mother.

Kai learned information about Damon's mother but he won't divulge why Lily returned to New York from Europe in 1903 or why she was trapped until he talks to Bonnie.

Stefan tells Caroline how he really feels about her in hopes it will convince her to turn her humanity back on. When he pleads with her to come back, she storms off, angry that someone tried to get her to change before the end of her year. She finds Liam, asks him whether he's good at surgery, and when he says he's terrible, she leads him out of the party.

While she's waiting outside, Enzo arrives and laments the fact that Sarah Salvatore isn't interested in the fact that he's a vampire. Before coming on to him, and being rebuffed, Caroline deduces that Stefan has compelled Sarah not to care about anything having to do with vampires in order to protect her.

Bonnie struggles to handle the throng of people inside the party and Damon arrives with Kai. As Kai apologizes, Bonnie remembers everything Kai did to hurt her in the prison world and vows to melt his face off if she ever sees him again. 

Stefan tells Elena that he is Caroline's emotional trigger and they decide to lock Caroline away so that Stefan can work on her until she breaks. He gets a call from Enzo, but Caroline is on the other end of the line. She stole Enzo's phone, lured Sarah to the bar, and now she plans to kill her in retaliation.

Damon finds Bonnie in her dorm room and tells her that Kai has information about his mother while trying to apologize for bringing Kai to the party. Bonnie turns on him to make him feel everything Kai made her feel while she was trapped in the prison world with Kai.

Stefan and Elena find Caroline at the bar making margaritas. Sarah is in a lab with Liam. Caroline has compelled him to perform surgery on Sarah so that he'll go down for murder. If Stefan wants to save Sarah's life, he has to shut his humanity off so that he can't tempt Caroline to turn hers back on.

Kai visits a sad Damon and tells him that Lily Salvatore cannot come back. She's a ripper, like Stefan. She turned into a vampire in 1858, faked her death, and went off the deep end,  killing nearly 3,000 people. The Gemini Coven were the only ones who could stop her.

Bonnie leaves Jeremy a voicemail telling him she's back. She wants to figure herself and her new life out before visiting him. 

Elena tries using her vampire hearing to find Liam and Sarah but she's unsuccessful. She calls Stefan who decides to give in to Caroline's demand in order to save Sarah. 

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

[to Damon] Congratulations! Everything you know about your mom is wrong.


Liam: Caroline Forbes, the girl from the swimming hole.
Caroline: Liam! The boy I forgot existed!