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Bonnie wakes having Rayna's life transferred into her and when Enzo pours her a bourbon, she lights him on fire and then decapitates Caroline. When Damon enters the room, the viewers realize everything has been a dream. Bonnie still hasn't woken up from the shaman's spell.

Actually, no one even knows if the spell has worked. Enzo fears she isn't waking up on purpose because she knows that in doing so she will want to kill her friends. Alaric wants to chain her up so that when she does awaken she can't hurt anyone, but Caroline refuses to allow it. When he wants to stay to protect her, Caroline sends him home to be with their girls.

While going over Penny's file, Matt learns that there is activity at the Salvatore house and heads over to check things out. Stefan isn't excited to see Bonnie wake up, but he has an idea. One of them needs to go inside Bonnie's head and convince her that not all vampires are evil. Caroline volunteers. 

Once inside Bonnie's dream, they end up in Alaric's class where he's teaching the world about the existence of vampires and how to kill them. Bonnie fights against the nightmare and a legion of angry vampires and ends up in her dorm room with Caroline. 

Caroline going into Bonnie's dream doesn't work and Caroline ends up with a hunter's mark on her chest in the real world. Caroline, they believe, will be the first one Bonnie goes after when she wakes up. When Caroline tries to leave the house, Stefan vervains her hoping to take her far away from Bonnie in order to keep her safe.

When Enzo goes into Bonnie's dream, they are taken back to Mystic Falls High School. Enzo escorts Bonnie into the music room and puts a guitar in her hand telling her that remembering their song will be the tether to her humanity which she'll need to fight the curse. When Enzo refuses to leave Bonnie's dream, she breaks the guitar and uses it to mark him too.

Caroline wakes in a motel room with Stefan. He has tickets to Hong Kong. She resents the fact that he won't respect her choice to be with her family. Stefan calls Damon to commiserate and that gives Damon an idea. He decides to go into Bonnie's dream. His plan works, sort of, and she wakes up.

Caroline hasn't left the motel and Stefan finds her sitting alone outside. She's come to a realization about the decision he made to leave her but she can't forgive him. She also knows she can't go home or she puts the girls and Alaric at risk. They decide to run.

When Damon realizes his life isn't tied to Bonnie's in the same way that Elena's is, he fears he made a mistake by waking her. Bonnie leaves the boarding house and encounters Matt. She asks him to come along with her, but he promises to be the thing that keeps her human. She asks for his help staying grounded and also in killing Damon. He agrees.

Bonnie finds Damon in the woods and they fight. He knows she's serious about killing him. As Bonnie and Damon continue fighting in the woods, he leads her to her memorial, a reminder of her humanity and those who love her. He asks for her forgiveness and then gives her his blessing to kill him. Matt shoots her with darts.

Stefan and CAroline plan their runaway route and talk turns to Caroline's relationship with Alarc which she declares off limits.

As Matt tries to get Bonnie out of town, she wakes up and overpowers him, stealing the car and heading in an unknown direction. Enzo tells Damon that he may have a way to save her but it will require a return to the Armory.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

I'm sorry. I must have the wrong number because I dialed 'H' for 'Hero.'

Damon [to Stefan]

I have always wanted to be loved by someone in the way that you loved me. And I would rather have these memories than a future where I destroy them.

Bonnie [to Enzo]